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Class 8th | NCERT Solutions, Notes, Study Material, Sample Papers & QnA


Here students can find best NCERT solutions for various subjects of their VIIIthstandard for instance Hindi, English, Maths, Science and Social Science. We provide you with the best study material that students typically look over the internet and what they typically need.

Sample Papers are necessary elements for students to build up their examination skills and for practicing before they really face their examinations. They truly enhance the grades you get because they give you much experience for your examination.

Best and easiest chapter notes so that you have all your concepts and doubts cleared in each subject and each chapter and you give your best in tests and examinations.

Extra questions that help you to go into the depths of everything that you have learned and different types of questions will help you to build your confidence about each concept.

MCQs in various subjects that are really necessary in order to stand for your examinations and are in fact an easier way to understand short answer type or one word answer type questions.

NCERT solutions that help you in case you are not able to find the correct answers for the questions asked in your textbooks and need to clear your doubts over these questions.

Quizzes and Tests that not only develop your knowledge but are also fun enough that you would want to try all of them and thus by playing small quizzes you would have learned a lot about your chapters.

Class 8th Contents

Class 8th English Contents

  • Class 8th HoneyDew
  • Class 8th It So Happened
  • Sample Paper’s

Class 8th Mathematics

  • Class 8th Math Formulas
  • Class 8th Math NCERT Solution
  • Class 8th Math Extra Question’s
  • Sample Paper’s

Class 8th Science

  • Class 8th Science Short Notes
  • Class 8th Science Long Notes
  • Class 8th Science NCERT Solution’s
  • Class 8th Science Extra Question’s
  • Sample Paper’s

Class 8th Social Studies [Social Science]

  • Class 8th Social Studies Our Past III Part-I
  • Class 8th Social Studies Our Past III Part-II
  • Class 8th Social Studies Social And Political Life III
  • Class 8th Social Studies Resources And Development
  • Class 8th Social Studies NCERT Solution’s
  • Class 8th Social Studies Extra Question’s & Answers
  • Sample Paper’s

Class 8th Hindi

  • Class 8th Hindi Vasant                                                     Notes | Solutions
  • Class 8th Hindi Bharat Ki Khoj                                          Notes | Solutions
  • Class 8th Hindi Durva                                                      Notes | Solutions
  • Class 8th Hindi Extra QnA
  • Sample Paper’s


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