MINERALS AND ENERGY RESOURCES Class 10th Geography Chapter 5

MINERALS They are homogenous, a naturally occurring substance with a definable internal structure. Minerals are obtained from rocks. Certain rocks contain only one mineral while some other rocks contain many minerals. They vary in color, lustre, density, and hardness.                   CLASSIFICATION OF MINERALS Minerals are classified in three …

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THINKING ABOUT CHALLENGES A) What are the challenges to democracy? Foundational Challenge => Foundational challenge of making the transition to democracy and then making the democratic government. This involves bringing down the existing no democratic regime, keeping military away from controlling government & establishing a sovereign and functional state. Challenge of expansion=> This involves applying …

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Popular Struggles and Movements Class 10th Notes A) Explain the movements for democracy in Nepal? Nepal became a democracy in 1990. Although the king was the head of state. The real power was with elected representatives. King Birendra, who has accepted this transition from absolute monarchy, was killed in the mysterious massacre of a royal …

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Nationalist Movement in Indo – China Notes

CHAPTER-NATIONALIST MOVEMENT IN INDO-CHINA Indo-China is the place between India and China. Indo-China comprises of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Vietnam gained formal independence in 1945. They were ruled by Chinese emperors. Even after their independence, they followed Chinese system of government and culture. Vietnam was also linked to maritime silk-route that brought in goods people …

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