Free Entrepreneurship 101 – From Idea to Launch (And Beyond)

Free Certification Title Name: Entrepreneurship 101 – From Idea to Launch (And Beyond) Discover everything you need to know to become an entrepreneur and get your business up and running in no time. Entrepreneurship 101 – From Idea to Launch (And Beyond)   Requirements: No prior knowledge is required. As always, must be willing to …

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CBSE Notes of Business Studies Textbook Class 12th

Business Studies Class 12 Revision Notes Nature and Significance of Management Business Studies Class 12 Notes Principles of Management Business Studies Class 12 Notes Business Environment Business Studies Class 12 Notes Planning Business Studies Class 12 Notes Organising Business Studies Class 12 Notes Staffing Business Studies Class 12 Notes Directing Business Studies Class 12 Notes Controlling Business Studies Class 12 Notes Financial Management Business …

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Notes of Consumer Protection Business Studies Class 12

UNIT 12 CONSUMER PROTECTION Protecting consumers from unpair trade practices, adopted by the producers and/or sellers of goods and services is termed as consumer protection. It not only includes educating consumers about their rights and responsibilities, but also helps in getting their grievances redressed. Importance of consumer protection from consumer s point of view : …

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Notes of Marketing Business Studies Class 12

UNIT 11 MARKETING MANAGEMENT Introduction : Marketing management is an important functional area of business. – It is the process of planning, organising, directing and controlling the activities related to marketing of goods and services to satisfy customers needs & achieve organisational goals. Market : In the traditional sense, the market means a place where …

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Notes of Financial Management Business Studies Class 12

UNIT 9 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Introduction Money required for carrying out business activities is called business finance. Finance is needed to establish a business, to run it, to modernise it, to expand or diversify it. Finanicial management is the activity concerned with the planning, raising controlling and administering of funds used in the business. It is …

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Notes of Controlling Business Studies Class 12

UNIT 8 CONTROLLING Meaning & Definition Controlling means ensuring that activities in an organisation are performed as per the plans. Controlling also ensures that an organisation s resources are being used effectively and efficiently for the achievement of predetermined goals. It can be defined as comparison of actual performance with the planned performance The controlling …

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Notes of Directing Business Studies Class 12

UNIT 7 DIRECTION Meaning Directing as a function of managment, refers to the process of instructing, guiding counselling, motivating and leading people in the organisation to achieve its objectives. It does not mean only instructions but also include supervising the employess when they are performing the job, motivating them to perform more efficiently and leading …

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Notes of Staffing Business Studies Class 12

UNIT 6 STAFFING Meaning Staffing means putting people to jobs. It begins with human resource planning and includes different other functions like recruitment, selection training, development, promotion and performance appraisal of work force. Need and Importance of Staffing Obtaining Competent personal : Proper staffing helps in discovering and obtaining competent personal for various jobs. Higher …

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