Chapter-1 India- Size and Location Notes Class 9th SST



  1. India is a vast country and it lies in the northern atmosphere.
  2. Its latitude extends between 8*4 N and 37*6 N.
  3. Its longitude is between 68.7 E and 97.25 E.
  4. Tropic of cancer divides the country into 2 equal parts.
  5. Andaman and Nicobar islands lie in the bay of Bengal in the south-east and Lakshadeep island in the Arabian sea in the south-west.


  1. Total geographical area of India is 3.28 million sq km.
  2. It accounts 2.4% of total world’s geographical area.
  3. India is the seventh largest country in the world.
  4. India has the land boundary of 15200 km and it has the coastline of 7516.6 km.
  5. India is bounded by the young fold mountains in the north, north-west, and northeast.

Ques. The sun rises two hours earlier in Arunachal Pradesh as compared to Gujarat in the west but the watches show the same time, How does this happen?

  1. From Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh there is a time lag of two hours.
  2. In order to avoid the time confusion, we have taken 82.30 E, as the standard Meridian of India.
  3. It passes through Mirzapur will have the same time.

Ques. The Central location of India as a head of the Indian Ocean is considered of great significance, why?

  • India has a central location in West Asia and East Asia.
  • The trans-Indian ocean routes connect the countries of Europe.
  • The Deccan Peninsula which protects into Indian ocean connects the countries of West Asia, Europe, and Africa.
  • The long coastline gives India an important position in the Indian ocean.
  • The various passes across the mountains provide passage to ancient travellers.
  • The ideas and commodities were unchanged through these passes.


Answer the following questions.

Q. Name the group of the island lying in the Arabian Sea?

Ans. Lakshadweep island

Q. Name the countries which are larger than India?

Ans. Russia, China, Canada, U.S.A., Brazil, Australia.

Q. Which island group of India lies to its south-east?

Ans. Andaman and Nicobar island

Q. Which island countries are our southern neighbors?

Ans. Srilanka and Maldives

 India’s Neighbours

  • India has 29 states and 7 union territories.
  • India shares its land boundary with Pakistan, Afghanistan in the North West. China, Nepal, Bhutan in the north. Bangladesh, Myanmar is the east. Srilanka and Maldives are our southern neighbors across the sea.
  • India is separated by Srilanka by a network channel called Palk Strait and Gulf of Mannar.
  • The Maldives are situated to the south of Lakshadweep Islands.
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