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Chapter 10 The Story of My Life Extra Questions, Summary, and Notes

The Story of My Life

The Story of My life- Novel for class 10- English CBSE

By Helen Keller

Chapter 10- Notes and Study Material

Introduction of Chapter 10- the Story of My life by Helen Keller

The chance that Helen got to spend some days on Cape Cod with a dear friend, Mrs. Hopkins, fulfilled her desire to touch and feel the mighty ocean. She was almost drowned in the sea, but the waves luckily threw her back on the shore. Helen took a horseshoe crab home as she wanted to keep it as her pct. But the crab disappeared,  leaving Helen disappointed. She learnt the lesson that it was not kind or wise to force a poor dumb creature out of its natural habitat.

Conclusion/ Chapter in short/ Analysis of Chapter 1/Understanding the Theme of Chapter 1

Helen talks about her vacation at Brewster and her first experiences of the sea. She also learnt a                lesson that it was not kind to force creatures of nature to live away from their habitat.

Short Summary of Chapter-10 The Story of My Life by Helen Keller in Simple Words-

This chapter describes Helen’s vacation at Brewster and her first experience of the sea. It talks about        her excitement and terror of the sea. Her encounter with sea filled her with an exquisite and quivering joy. But when her foot struck against a rock, she was overcome by fright and frantically searched for something to support her till she was clasped in her teacher’s loving arms. The chapter also mentions        her first encounter with the Horse-shoe Crab, which she wanted to take home. However, the crab escaped, teaching her that it is not kind to force dumb creatures to live away from their habitat.

Extra Important Questions and Answers  

Question.1- Why was Helen so excited about her vacation?

Answer- Helen’s vacation at Brewster was her first encounter with the sea. She had read about the ocean and had developed a deep desire to touch the sea and feel its roar. She was very excited when she learnt that they were going to the seaside.

Question.2-What terrified Helen about the sea?

Answer- The rush of waves which tossed her from one place to another as they carried her away from the shore terrified Helen. For a moment she could not feel the earth under her feet and she became panic-stricken.


Question.3-What surprised Helen about the horseshoe crab?

Answer- Helen had never seen or felt a creature like the crab and was surprised to learn that it carried its house on its back.

Question.4-What lesson did Helen learn after the crab disappeared?

Answer- Helen learnt that it was unkind to force dumb creatures to live away from their habitat, it was best to let creatures be in their own element.

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