Chapter 15 Probability Notes for Class 9th Maths


Chapter 1 5 Probability

  • Probability: Probability is a quantitative measure of certainty.
  • Experiment: A job which produces some outcomes.
  • Trial: Performing an experiment.
  • Event: The group of outcomes, denoted by capital letter of English alphabets like A, B, E etc.
  • The empirical (or experimental) probability P(E) of an event E is given by

  • The probability of an event lies between 0 and 1 (0 and 1 are included)
  • Impossible event: Event which never happen.
  • Certain event: Event which definitely happen.
  • The probability of sure event is 1.
  • The probability of an impossible event is 0.
  • The probability of an event E is a number P(E) such that 0 < P(E) < I.
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