Chapter 7 – समुद्रतट (तृतीया चतुर्थी विभक्ति) NCERT Solutions Class 6th Sanskrit


Class 6 Sanskrit NCERT Text book Answers of Chapter 7 . NCERT Solutions Class VI Sanskrit includes answers of all the questions of समुद्रतट (तृतीया चतुर्थी विभक्ति) provided in NCERT Text Book which is prescribed for class 6 in schools.

National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) Book Solutions for Class 6
Subject: Sanskrit
Chapter: Chapter 7 – समुद्रतट (तृतीया चतुर्थी विभक्ति)

NCERT Solutions for Class 6th Sanskrit : Chapter 7 – समुद्रतट (तृतीया चतुर्थी विभक्ति)

Class 6 Sanskrit Chapter 7 समुद्रतट (तृतीया चतुर्थी विभक्ति)  NCERT Solution is given below.

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