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Character Sketch of Villa for Sale Drama Class 9th

Character Sketch

Juliette: She was a business lady and hard times were going on for her so she decided to sell her villa. She acted like a fool and seemed to be very trustful to her first customer Jeanne and Gaston which return in the loss.

Gaston: He was an opportunist. He understood the situation very well and took the full advantage of the situation for his own profit. He instantly made a profit of one hundred thousand francs only by taking advantage of the situation and some acting.

Jeanne: She was a nice and simple lady. Although she tried to rebel against her husband. She knows the value of relationships and emotions. She is exactly the opposite of her husband who is cunning and opportunist. She was very eager to buy the house for her parents. This shows that she was very caring towards her family and wanted everybody to live peacefully and comfortably. Her conversations with Juliette show that she was kind hearted and friendly as well.

Mrs. Al Smith: She was an American woman who was trying her hand at movies and therefore wanted to have a piece of land to build a bungalow near to Joinville studios. She was also a very busy woman. She also thought French people were silly as they had to consult many people before taking any decision or taking care of their grandparents.


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