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Civics Class 10th | Notes, NCERT Solution, Extra Questions, PDF Download

In This Section, ImperialStudy Team Provide You The Best Political Science Notes, Political Science Solutions And Political Science Extra Questions Of Class 10th For Helping In Your Studies. We Try To Help In Your Lessons If You Find Any Problems related To any Points Or Topic Plese Comment Down We Try To solve It.

As You Scroll Down In The Post You Found Different Study Materials For Civics  Class Xth . You Can Also Download Free PDF File after Register at The End tries To Learn Online Which Also Help Us!

Political Science (Democratic Politics II)

  1. Power Sharing
  • Notes Of Power Sharing
  • Important Terms Of Power Sharing
  • Questions And Answers Of Power Sharing

2. Federalism 

  • Notes Of Federalism
  • Important Terms Of Federalism
  • Questions And Answers Of Federalism

3. Democracy And Diversity 

  • Notes Of Democracy And Diversity
  • Important Terms Of Democracy And Diversity
  • Questions And Answers Of Democracy And Diversity

4. Gender, Religion, And Caste

  • Notes Of Gender, Religion, And Caste
  • Important Terms Of Gender, Religion, And Caste
  • Questions And Answers Of Gender, Religion, And Caste

5. Popular Struggles And Movement  

6. Political Parties

7. Outcomes Of Democracy 

 8. CHALLENGES Of Democracy 


History (India And The Contemporary World II)

Geography (Contemporary India – II)

Economics (Understanding Economics Development II)

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