Concept’s of Democracy in the Contemporary World Class 9th Social Science Civics



  • The March of Democracy has  met  with  setbacks  and successes  throughout
  • In 1900 there were only a few democratic After the Second World War, in 1950, more countries were added. The newly independent nations of Asia chose democracy. In 1975 colonies in Africa had become independent and most of them chose democracy as a form of government. A giant leap was taken in 1991. The fall of the Soviet Union  created 15  new  states  and  more democracies.

Two  Tales  of Democracy

  • Many countries struggled for democracy, suffered In Chile, the democratic government of Allende was overthrown in 1973, and Pinochet became the military ruler. Democracy was restored again in Chile in 1988. In Poland, a non-democratic country, a one- party rule was replaced by  democracy  under  Lech Walesa.

Two  Features  of  Democracy

  • Democracy, hence, is  a form of  government  that allows  people to choose their  own
  • People have the freedom to express their views, freedom to organise and freedom to protest against

Phases  in  the  Expansion  of Democracy

  • By 2005, 140 countries have held multi-party More than 80 countries have made advances towards democracy  since 1980.
  • Stills there are many countries where people cannot elect their leaders. In Myanmar  the  elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been imprisoned by the military rulers (1990).  No  amount  of  international support  has  helped  in her

Democracy  at  Global Level

  • Is it possible to have democracy  at  global level?  Not  at
  • The UN, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are global associations of the They attempt to maintain peace and security among the countries of the world. They give loans and  money  to governments.
  • They are not fully democratic. Five countries — US, UK, France, China and Russia — have the veto power in the Security The World Bank has a US President always and the International Monetary Fund is in  the hands  of  seven  powerful  nations.

Promotion  of  Democracy

  • Many powerful countries like the United States of America  believe  that  democracy  should be promoted  in  the world  —  even  by
  • Powerful countries have launched  attacks  on  non-democratic
  • Iraq is the biggest USA and its allies attacked and occupied Iraq without UN sanction, on the pretext of Iraq possessing nuclear weapons.  They  have even  held  forced     elections.
  • The urge for democracy should  come  from  the people  and should  not  be
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