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Get Class 12th English Chapters Summary, Hindi Summary And NCERT Solution with PDF Download Free. best Study materials for CBSE class 12th English.

Flamingo (English Reader)

Prose Section Poetry Section
1. The Last Lesson 1. My Mother at Sixty Six
2. Lost Spring 2. An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum
3. Deep Water 3. Keeping Quiet
4. The Rattrap 4. A Thing of Beauty
5. Indigo 5. Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers
6. Going Places

Vistas (Supplementary Reader)

1. The Tiger King
2. The Enemy
3. Should Wizard Hit Mommy?
4. On the Face of It
5. Evans tries an O-Level
6. Memories of Childhood

Long Reading Text – Novel

The Invisible Man

Silas Marner

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