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Online education may not be appealing to you, or even your first choice. Perhaps because you believe in the notion that attending college, and being present for classes along with your peers is the only way to get a quality education. But it’s time to reevaluate what you know or think about getting an education through online courses.  Online education is a lot more then what it was before, you can access best online colleges in Massachusetts to Sacramento, all a click away!

As a working student, or a single mom, a dutiful father or a confused teen, online education is your way of gaining a degree in the program of your choice without having to compromise the responsibilities you might have in your personal life. It is the underrated hero that will save you from having to choose between your education and your ambitions because online education doesn’t have a timeline that you need to submit yourself to. You can get a degree from Berks technical institute even if you are 40, the world is waiting for you!

Therefore, it goes without saying, students of today have access to excellent online programmes from reputed colleges. In addition to colleges and universities, experts of various domains have their own programs available online.  These information are also available in Gradzz .

So in today’s segment we will point out 5 top notch educational websites with great online courses:

  1. Udemy

Udemy has about 55,000 courses, with 800 new courses added every month. The course fee ranges from $12 to $100. Having top professor from top colleges you can expect quality education from the program you opt for. They also have an app, so you take your mobile classes everywhere you go.

Udemy also is a great way to kick-start your online educator career. You can become an instructor for Udemy, gain experience and launch your own programmes eventually.

  1. Coursera

Coursera has collaborated with the best universities in the U.S.A, and offers you in-depth courses I various streams; at the end of your program, you will get a certificate from the associate university. They have about 2,000 paid and unpaid courses. And Coursera also has a mobile app. To make the programmes more accessible to you.

  1. Lynda

Owned by LinkedIn, Lynda is the portal for professionals looking to learn new skills, or enhance their skills, with courses ranging in topic from animation to business to design to development to marketing to more! Lynda has around 80,000 video tutorials about several subjects.

Lynda offers a 30 day free trial period, after which you can pay $20-$30 for a membership. You can always cancel your membership and or return to it when you wish.

  1. edX

Governed by the top colleges and universities, this non-profit MOOC offers you higher education from over 90 universities, including leading universities like Harvard, MIT, and Berkley. You can take a course and get a certificate for it signed by your official instructor.


  1. Khan Academy

Another non-profit platform that offers courses in various subjects. This site is easy to use, and gives you access to a wide database of knowledge. And the best part, it’s free of charge!


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