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Imperial Study will give you an enriching and gratifying experience that you will remember for the rest of your life – you will learn new things, encounter other cultures, and it will expand your mind to the vast globe in which we live.

The Study Abroad Center was created to provide information, resources, and aid to students who want to enhance their education by studying abroad. We provide a program search to help you choose courses all over the world, and you can read more about the “study abroad experience” by visiting our study abroad blog.

Study Abroad Handbook

Our Study Abroad Guide will provide you with useful information and articles on studying abroad, such as general safety tips, how to choose a program when studying abroad, and much more. We also highlight student articles that describe the study abroad experience firsthand – if you have one, please send it to us!

We’ve put up a helpful resource for students looking for study abroad information and assistance. The Study Abroad Guide will provide both helpful guidance articles that will provide practical assistance for people wishing to study abroad, as well as a number of articles written on various themes by students who have studied abroad or are presently studying abroad.

Loans for Studying Abroad

It is difficult to fund your education, but did you know that you can acquire loans for study abroad education? We highlight two programs that provide loans to US students who are studying abroad for a semester or longer, as well as a program for US students who are directly enrolled in a foreign institution. We also provide advice on how to maximize federal loans, and you may apply directly to any of the programs we showcase online today.

Loans for US students studying abroad are available, and they are becoming increasingly crucial in addressing the demand for international education. For student loans, US students studying outside the US are divided into two categories. Study in another country Loans for short-term international studies

USA Scholarships

Loans Made in a Foreign Country

Foreign Enrolled Loans are available to US students who are directly enrolled and pursuing a degree or certificate at a non-US school. Around the world, there are over 400 accredited schools. You can borrow up to $50,000 per year for undergraduate programs and up to $70,000 per year for medical, dentistry, law, or business school with the Foreign Enrolled Loan. A qualified US co-signer is strongly recommended, but if you have an excellent credit history, you can apply without one. The large loan limitations are beneficial, especially if you want to study in the United Kingdom, Western Europe, or other high-cost-of-living countries.

Stafford and PLUS loans are two types of loans.

You have access to an excellent government-backed funding resource as a US citizen or permanent resident in the form of Stafford and Plus loans. Before you max out your private loans, make sure you start early, complete your FAFSA, and apply for as much as feasible through a Stafford loan; then, as indicated above, receive the remaining through a private loan.

Insurance for Studying Abroad

When traveling overseas, whether for a semester or longer, you must ensure that you have enough international health insurance coverage to cover not only medical emergencies but also evacuation and repatriation. Please visit our study abroad insurance center to learn more about the many policies and alternatives available to students.

Making ensuring you have the correct international health and travel insurance plan in place isn’t always the top priority for students intending to study abroad. Most students do not believe they would require coverage, or you may wait until the last minute and not have time to compare all of the plans to discover the best one. The Study Abroad Center is here to assist you by doing the research for you – and we have identified a variety of plans that are appropriate for students studying abroad and provide the finest quality coverage at the best price.

Student Health Insurance on a Monthly Basis

The Student Secure plan is a monthly international student health insurance plan designed for students who are studying abroad outside of the United States. The plan includes excellent benefits such as hospitalization coverage, prescription medicine, doctor visits, mental health care, maternity coverage, sports coverage, evacuation, and much more. You can buy the plan in monthly increments, pay monthly, and renew it if you need more coverage. It provides pupils with the greatest amount of flexibility.

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Student Health Insurance While Traveling

The Atlas International plan is perfect for students who want more travel-related advantages but don’t need the flexibility of the student secure plan to pay monthly and don’t need coverage like mental health, maternity, and so on. You can buy the plan for 5 days to a year, and you can renew it if you buy at least 3 months at the start. The package covers hospitalisation, doctor visits, prescription medicine, evacuation, repatriation, trip interruption, lost luggage, and other expenses.

Tips for Studying Abroad Insurance

When looking for study abroad insurance, you will notice that there are numerous options available; here are a few pointers to help you get the best insurance plan:

  1. All insurance providers are rated by AM Best or Standard and Poors – some nations will require your insurance plan to be rated above a specific level, so make sure to check this out.
  2. Make sure you read the exclusions – all plans will have exclusions, some more stringent than others, so make sure you check them out and understand what is not covered by the plan.
  3. Is the planning part of a network? Some plans have a PPO network, which is a network of doctors/hospitals, and they will demand you to visit certain providers, whilst other plans will not restrict you to any one provider, so you will need to check that out.
  4. 24-hour assistance – most plans will provide you with 24-hour assistance, which is normal on all plans, but check sure you can simply call them from the country you are in.
  5. How claims are paid – almost all insurance plans will operate on a pay upfront, claim back later basis, but make sure you are aware of how long it will take to process a claim; it should take no more than two weeks.

Housing for Students Abroad

Choosing where to live while studying abroad is a huge decision that can have a big impact on your year abroad. There are several possibilities for living on campus, in an apartment, or with a homestay family. Check out our study abroad housing guide to learn about the various student housing options and what each includes.


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