Long Answer Questions of A Dog Name Duke Class 9th.


1. How did Hooper become paralysed? How did Marcy and others react to this fatal accident?
Ans. One autumn night, when Hooper was driving
back home, a car suddenly pulled in front of his car without warning. It was a serious accident and Hooper suffered from subdural haemorhage in the motor section of the brain, leaving his left side completely paralysed. When Marcy reached the hospital, she was shocked to see that her husband couldn’t talk, he could only breathe and see, and his vision was double. She knew that Hooper was very critical, and that he would have to be in the hospital for a long time, so she sent Duke to the kennel. Secretly, she used to cry, watching her husband’s grin fade away.
2. ‘On January 4, Hooper made the big move.’ What was this big move? Was this move welcome or did it create further problems?
Ans. The big move made by Hooper on January 4, was that for the first time, without Duke’s help, he walked the distance of 200 metres from the clinic to the local branchoffice of his company. For a person who had been paralysed, with there being hardly any hope of his recovery, it was really a big move. Everyone was amazed to see him in his office. When he told the manager that he wanted to continue work initially for one hour, everyone was shocked. In the company headquarters, Chuck’s move presented tough problems because, seeing Chuck’s courage and determination, nobody had the courage to tell him that he wouldn’t be able to handle his old job. Moreover, they didn’t know what to do with his demand to do a desk job just for an hour, when his job of a salesman required him to move around all the time.
3. Is ‘it lrony of Fate’ that Duke who had nursed Hooper back to normalcy, had to meet such a terrible end? Discuss.
Ans. When Chuck was admitted to the hospital after his accident, every effort made by the doctors and others had failed to cure his paralysis. The intelligent effort made by Duke had changed an impossible situation into apossibile one. It is really an irony that he who had nursed Hooper back to normalcy, himself met with an accident.
Just like Hooper, he was also hit by a vehicle. It is an irony that he who had been successful in bringing life to Hooper, himself could not survive and met with such a terrible end.
4. “Firm determination and strong will-power can achieve even the impossible.’’ How does this statement prove true in case of Chuck Hooper?
Ans. Tragedy is inevitable in human life. The only variable is what we do about it. Whether we choose to overcome handicaps or wallow in it, it is our choice. So tragedy proves to be the true touchstone of a person’s character. Chuck Hooper could have chosen to remain paralysed and not respond to Duke’s helpful gestures.
Duke awakens what was lying dormant in Hooper’s mind, the will to fight back and emerge victorious.
Life had ceased to be cakewalk for Hooper. Misery, regret, depression had reduced him to a vegetable. When Duke offers challenges, it is Hooper who rises to meet them. Pain, exhaustion, frustration take their toll but ‘Never say die’ spirit spurs him on. Days and weeks stretch into months. Step by step planning, setting deadlines – all were strategies towards a greater objective. Hooper doesn’t want to remain an object of pity. Instead, he becomes an inspiration for others in his daily trek. Neighbours and passers by became testimony to Hooper’s daily progress towards sanity and normalcy. His pattern of progress is painful, stretches too long but in the end yields results.
Hooper manages to walk not only to his office but is also ready to resume his duties. But he is not fit for a full day’s work. So he walks through the street, pulled faster and faster by Duke, to step up his endurance and stability. Life takes a full circle and Hooper becomes the Regional Manager. Destiny wishes him to move on in life, even without Duke. Though Duke was not with him in Hooper’s final triumph, but what he had imparted to Hooper had aleady become an inseparable part of Hooper’s psyche.
Firm determination, perseverance and strong will can never be thwarted.

5. You are Charles Hooper. Write a page in your diary expressing your feelings the day you were appointed Assistant National Sales Manager.
As Chuck you are in receipt of the order from the headquarters, announcing your promotion. Write apage in your diary glorifying the role of Duke and how he was instrumental in getting you the promotion.
Dear Diary 25th August 2011
Today I am feeling happy as well as sad. I am feeling happy because I have been promoted as an Asst National Sales Manager, and sad because the one who made all this possible for me is no more in this world. I clearly remember the day Duke was brought home from the kennel where he was sent after my accident. After being paralysed, I had lost all hopes of my recovery but it was Duke who awakened my dormant will to fight back. It was he who always stood by me when I tripped while trying to walk. He helped me take my first step. It was he who made it possible for me to go to my office and restart my job.
Even after Duke’s death, as a tribute to him, I continued my struggle to walk. Today I am overwhelmed because this is not an ordinary promotion but a very significant one as Duke’s efforts has changed an impossible thing into a possible one.

6. Marcy was not fond of dogs and more so of big dogs. Yet when Duke died, she was devastated. After many days she was able to pen down her feelings in her diary. Write a page of Marcy’s diary.
Dear Diary
Duke died an unnatural death and I am feeling
devastated. I know that I am not very fond of dogs and more so of big dogs but Duke’s death has created a void in my life. I remember the day when Hooper brought Duke home against my wishes but later on he became an indespensable part of our life. It was he who made Hooper stand on his feet after every effort made by the doctors and others had failed to cure his paralysis. The intelligent efforts made by Duke has changed an impossible situation into a possible one. Duke was not only failthful and loyal but was also gifted with extraordinary powers of intuition, foresight, and in-depth understanding of human
psychology. He knew exactly how he could accomplish the impossible task of making Chuck walk. It is irony that he who hard nursed Hooper back to normalcy, himself met with an accident. Just like Hooper, he was also hit by a vehicle. He who had been successful in bringing life to Hooper, himself could not survive and met with such a terrible end. May God rest his soul in peace.


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