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Long Answer Questions of Lord Ullin’s Daughter Class 9th.



1.    Describe the chase of the chief of Ulva’s Isle and his beloved by Lord Ullin’s men.

Ans. The chief of Ulva’s Isle and Lord Ullins daughter elope and are pursued by Lord Ullin and his men. There is no where, they can take refuge, no way of getting any reprieve, For three days consecutively they had been chased relentlessly. Their only hope of escape was to cross the Lochgyle but the raging storm proved fatal. They perish in the stormy waters and leave Lord Ullin lamenting for his daughter.

2.    How does the poet build the atmosphere of menace, danger and doom that awaits the lovers?

Ans. Look at these lines and what they signify?

•    This dark and stormy night — danger

•    Three days we’ve fled together — chase

•    For should he find us in the glen

My blood would stain the heather — revenge

•    Who will cheer my bonny bride

When they have slain her lover — tragedy

•    The water-wraith was shrieking — supernatural

•    And in the scowl of heaven each face

Grew dark as they were speaking— frightening

•    Adown the glen rode armed men

Their trampling sounded nearer — impending

•    Oh haste thee, haste! the lady cries

•    Though tempest round us gather

I’ll meet the raging of the skies — No escape But not an angry father

*    These lines have drawn a picture of danger, chase, revenge, tragedy, supernatural, frightening situation impending disaster — Fatal — no escape.

3.    The poem ‘Lord Ullin’s Daughter’ depicts the clash between the impetuous nature of youth and the tyrannical authority of parents. Discuss by giving examples from the poem.

Ans. “O haste thee, haste ! the lady cries, though tempests round us gather I’ll meet the raging of the skies But not an angry father”. These lines clearly depict the impetuous nature of youth. The tyrannical authority of parents is evident from the lines – “And as the night grew drearer. Adown the glen rode armed men, their trampling sounded nearer.” These lines also show the reckless side of youth and cruel authority of parents – “Three days we have fled together, should he find us in the glen, My blood would stain the heather his horsemen (Lord Ullin’s) behind us ride “Then who will cheer my bonny bride when they have slain her lover?”

4.    Imagine you are Lord Ullin. You have reached the fatal shore in time and are able to convince your daughter to come back home with her lover. Write a letter to your friend Robert upon the satisfaction which you got after you forgave them. And that you are happyat your timely decision which helped you to get back your daughter.    [CBSE    2010 (Term II)]


Dear Robert

You will be glad to know that I have forgiven my daughter. As I chased her and the chief of Ulva’s Isle I was able to reach the shore as they were about to board the boat to cross the glen in the raging storm. I prevented them from boarding the boat and convinced my daughter that I would not harm her Chieftain. I would accept him. The young people were so surprised that they could not believe their ears. I hugged them and embraced them and blessed them. Now I not only have my daughter safe and sound but also a brave fearless son-in-law.

I am so glad I have a family to live with and to leave behind to carry my name after my death well so long.

Yours sincerely,


5.    Discuss ‘Lord Ullin’s Daughter’ as a ballad.

Ans. ‘Lord Ullin’s Daughter is a ballad of the folk tradition. It describes a story in the narrative style, dealing with the tragedy of Lord Ullin’s daughter, who is unlucky in love. As is typical of a ballad, the poem begins midway, when the lovers have already eloped and the chase of Lord Ullin’s men is on the way. The poem begins abruptly with the dialogue between Chieftain and the boatman. The poem contains lots of dialogues which are typical of a ballad. There is fast paced action, which culminates in tragedy for the lovers, who are drowned in the stormy sea. The language is very simple. But it is the rhythm and the
music which characterise the poem as a true ballad. The rhyme scheme throughout is ‘ab ab’ which adds to the music of the poem.

6.    You are Lord Ullin. You are greatly grieved by the loss of your daughter and wonder what it would have been if you had not been rigid about following the traditions of your clan. Write a letter to your friend on how you were the cause of this tragedy.

[CBSE 2010 (Term I)]

Dear friend,

I am writing this letter to you to share my feelings about the irreparable loss that I faced today. Now there is nothing left for me to live for my dear daughter, my only child is gone – gone forever – she would never come back and all because of my inhuman cruelty, my unforgiving nature, my dictatorial ways and my in keeping tradition of the clan. If I had not been so cruelly dictatorial she would be alive now, full of laughter and full of life. Not only my daughter but I would also have got a son — the chieftain of Ulva’s Isle — so brave, so fearless, so loving and devoted to my daughter. Oh God! why could I not foresee the consequences of my harshness. But nothing can be done now. She will never come back again. I will never see her, never hear her voice. Now there is nothing left but a lifelong regret and heartache.

Your friend





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