Long Answer Questions of The Road Not Taken Class 9th



1. What is the theme of the poem ‘The Road Not Taken’?

Ans. The regret in life when we do not make the right decision. Life is full of challenges and difficult decisions have to be made on which depends our future life and success. When even this happens and we make a choice out of many or two then the choices or choice not made keeps haunting us making us ponder what could have happened if we had made that choice which we did not, if we had taken that road, which we did not take.

2. Which road does the poet choose? Why? Is he happy about his decision?

Ans. He chose the road not frequented, which had not been trodden so far; reflecting and arguing with himself that maybe some day he would come back, find that road and walk on it. But somewhere in his mind he is troubled with the thought that maybe he would not be able to do so. Life does not deal in rewinding and coming back to end one’s decisions or undo mistakes. We have to continue with the decision we once make whatever the outcome.
3. Why was it so difficult for the poet to make a decision? Give reasons.

Ans. It was difficult for the poet to make a decision as he had no idea what any of them had in store for him. He was at a difficult time in his life, to remain in USA where he was not given recognition or to migrate to England. Only the future could tell. It was like taking a leap in the dark. Who could tell its result? It was difficult to say how he would be received in England as his experience of his birthplace USA was bitter.

4. What is the moral presented by the poet in the poem ‘The Road Not Taken’?

Ans. This is an inspirational poem and quite tricky, according to Robert Frost himself. The poem presents an antithesis. The traveller comes to a fork and wishes to take both, which is impossible. One of the roads is described as grassy and ‘wanting wear’, then he says that both the roads look the same. This represents the eternal dilemma of man : he finds the grass greener always on the other side

This poem is a call for the reader to forge his or her way in life and not follow the path that others have taken. This poem encourages self-reliance, reinforces the power of independent thinking and sticking to one’s decisions. The poet does not moralise about choice, he simply says that choice is inevitable and you will never know till you have lived the ‘difference’. So there is nothing right or wrong about a choice, it is all relative. Whatever direction one takes one must pack it with determination and zest for one can never turn the clock back, or relive that moment.

5. As the poet who took the road not taken by many people, write a letter to your friend stating how “it has made all the difference”. [CBSE 2010 (Term I)]

Dear Smith,

As you know that I have established myself as a poet but this journey of life had not been very simple. I must tell you about the day when I was facing a dilemma to choose between the two roads to walk upon and I chose the one which was less frequented, leaving the first one for some other day. I knew fully well that I will not get a chance to go back to it. Now I wish I had taken the first road. But friend, this is the irony of life, we cannot travel on all the available roads, no matter howsoever we wish to. The basic thing is to make right choice because after that we can’t undo them. It is only the future that will reveal whether our decision was right or wrong. Since I took the road less travelled by, it has made all the difference—The outcome is known to you.

Rest in next letter.


Robert Frost
6. Based on your understanding of the poem ‘The Road Not Taken’, write a diary entry of the speaker in the poem about the day he had to make a choice. [CBSE 2010 (Term I)]

Dear Diary 24 Sept. 2011

After a long time, I got a chance to reveal my inner feelings to you. Today although I am a well established poet, I cannot forget the day when I was standing at a place where I had to make a choice of profession. I decided to choose the one which was not followed by many. Although I considered all the factors, even then I was unsure whether it was foolproof. I knew fully well that once the choice is made I have to move on, there is no rewinding or opportunity for coming back and exercising the choice again. Now I wish that I had taken the other road as I had to go a long way and struggle hard to establish myself. But, this is the irony of life, we cannot travel on all the available roads, no matter howsoever we may wish to. The grass is always greener on the other side. We have to continue with the decisions we once make whatever the outcome. I should also not regret mine. I am quite contented with my decision.

7. Describe the two roads the author finds.

Ans. One day during his walk, the poet reached a point of bifurcation. There were two roads and he had to take only one. He stood there surveying the pros and cons and looks at both the roads with great care. The poet looked at the road, as far his eyes could see till it bent in the undergrowth. He saw that the other road was more grassy and needed to be travelled upon. But when he had gone a little ahead, he saw that the other road was also grassy.

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