Long Answer Questions of A Shady Plot Class 10th English Chapter 4.


1.  John had become a nervous wreck. It had been a hard journey back to normalcy and marital bliss. He writes a diary entry expressing these feelings. Write  this  for him.

Ans  :    Dear Diary,

What a harrowing and emotional nightmare I have gone through! On God! These days will always remain permanently etched in my memory. Imagine a ghost helping you with the stories and thus causing your marriage to break. How I was saved at the last minute, is a marvel. Those days, when Helen had threatened me and then Lavinia refused to give up the Ouija board; I was accused of infidelity, I could neither sleep nor walk out. I wish I had confided in my wife before. Thank God! Everything  is now as normal as before. But this traumatic period of time, I  will  never  forget.  All  is  well  that  ends well.

John  Hallock.

2.  John’s new ghost story is a hit and proves to be a best seller. Jenkins throws a party in his honour and John is asked to give a speech re- garding the success of his work and the inspira- tion behind it. Prepare the speech of    him.

Ans  :    Dear friends,

I am deeply obliged for your best wishes and support for my success. Believe me friends, I am not an expert      in ghost stories but somehow a good plot occurs out of    the blue and becomes the solid ground of my stories. I know,  you find my stories very fascinating and thrilling  as most ghost stories are. Well, stories can only work if there is someone to inspire or guide you. Even I have       an angel sitting on my shoulders to steer the course of     my  stories.  I  hope  it  continues  this way.


3.  Helen, the ghost had close encounters with hu- man beings like John. She goes back to her world and mulls over this experience she had  on earth. She writes a diary entry regarding the behaviour of human beings and the fickleness  of their relationships. Write this diary entry for her.

Ans  :    Dear Diary,

This was my first opportunity to have close encounters with human beings for a long stretch of time. Basically we stay out of bounds but now I was forced        to materialise in person and threaten John, as there was    no other option. I know John is basically a good guy, vulnerable and kind but his wife is too dominating. He      is so scared of her and she started doubting her husband    at the mention of a mere word ‘Helen’. John was trying     to hide me, not to distress her but, look how she behaved. These human beings have fickle relationships, despite all.   I think we are better off for we keep our relationships  intact



4.  Do you believe ‘A Shady Plot’ qualifies as a good  ghost story?

Ans : Yes, this is a very good story with the most interesting storyline and plot. The plot has been inspired from a real life experience which makes it authentic. It has suspense, it is scary with ghosts walking in and out, but the best part is the humour. The story is not the stereotype one, it is funny and hilarious. It is very interesting to know that even ghosts get fed up of haunting and they are dragged  out of their beds at all hours. This story is full of surprises and that is t

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