Long Answer Questions of Song of the Rain Class 9th


1.    Write a short note on the pictorial aspect of the poem?

Ans. We can see the pictorial aspect of the poem throughout. The poet has used the poetic device of personification throughout. The rain tells its tale calling itself various things such as ‘dotted silver threads’, ‘beautiful pearls’. It describes its action by — when I cry the hills laugh — when I humble myself the flowers rejoice — when I bow all things are elated. This describes the natural phenomena of thunder and falling of rain making the hills and flowers rejoice — ‘Voice of thunder’ The rainbow announces its departure — paints beautiful vivid pictures of rain — Again the lines — ‘I descend and embrace the flowers and the trees in a million ways’ — paints a vivid picture of the rain falling over flowers and tress.

2.    How does the poet impart a divine feel to rain? Why is it compared to the Goddess of fertility?

Ans. The poet imparts a divine feel to the rain by using such description as — “Silver threads dropped from heaven by the gods” — “Nature then takes me to adorn her fields and valleys.” Again, see these lines — beautiful pearls, plucked from the crown of Ishtar (Goddess of fertility) by the daughter of Dawn
Thus above-mentioned description endows the rain with divine origin. It has been compared to the Goddess of fertility because when rain falls and waters the baked, dry earth, the thirsty fields and trees, they all get rejuvenated, multiply i.e. they produce. Thus it acts as an agent of fertility.

3.    Write an autobiography of rain. [CBSE 2011 (Term II)]

I am rain. I work under the divine aegis of God. God has endowed me certain duties which I perform religiously and happily. My main aim is to spread joy and happiness all around. I beautify, adorn and rejuvenate the fields, trees and flowers and spread vitality everywhere. Since I give joy to everyone my dear friend thunder announces my arrival and my friend rainbow appears on the sky when I depart. I am greatly pained to see the two lovers—fields and clouds — desperate to meet each other. I try to lessen their pain by acting as a messenger of mercy for them. Some people call me the ‘goddess of fertility’ because when I fall on dry fields and trees, they all get rejuvenated and multiply. Despite all these divine qualities I am not proud of myself, I am just like an earthly being. Just like a human being takes birth and die, I also have a beginning and an end.

The Rain.


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