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Multiple Choice Questions of Best Seller Class 9th.


Read the extracts and answer the questions that follow by choosing the option you consider the most appropriate.

1. “Say, ” said Pescud, stirring his discarded book with the hand, “did you ever read one of these bestsellers?

(a) Who is Pescud talking to?

(i) Ladies in the chair-car

(ii) The narrator

(iii) The Colonel (iv) Jessie

(b) What is the bestseller about?

(i) College students (ii) Business trips

(iii) A romantic story (iv) A ghostly story

(c) The name of the bestseller is

(i) Trevelyan and the Rose Lady

(ii) The Rose Lady and Trevelyan

(iii) Trevelyan (iv) The Rose Lady

Ans : (a) (ii) (b) (iii) (c) (ii)
2. “Oh, I’m on the line of General Prosperity”.

(a) Who is ‘I’ referred to here?

(i) The narrator (ii) Jessie

(iii) Pescud (iv) The colonel

(b) ‘General Prosperity ’ here relates to

(i) Hike in salary, shares and property

(ii) Good health

(iii) Happy married life

(iv) Excellence in education

(c) What does the person with whom ‘I’ is talking asks him next?

(i) “Met your affinity yet?”

(ii) “Getting along all right with the Company?”

(iii) “Oh, I didn’t tell you about that, did I?”

(iv) Would I aspire?

Anns : (a) (iii) (b) (i) (c) (i)


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