Multiple Choice Questions of The Bishop’s Candlesticks Drama Class 9th.


Read the following extracts and write down the most appropriate option.

1. ‘I was a man once, I’m a beast now, and they made me what I am. ’

(a) Who speaks these lines and to whom?

(i) Bishop-Persome (ii) Convict-Bishop

(iii) Convict-Persome (iv) None of the above

(b) Who made the speaker what he is?

(i) The Bishop (ii) Society

(iii) Himself (iv) His wife
(c) What is the speaker’s tragic story?

(i) Cruelty to his family led to the change

(ii) Poverty drove him to become a beast

(iii) Society maltreated him

(iv) Tortured in the prison

Ans : (a) (ii) (b) (ii) (c) (iii)

2. He was kind to me too—but what’s a Bishop for except to be kind to you? Here, cheer up, my hearty, you’re getting soft.

(a) To whom is the convict talking?

(i) Bishop (ii) Himself

(iii) Persome (iv) None

(b) How does he interpret the Bishop’s kindness?

(i) Due to his selfishness

(ii) His professional duty

(iii) His pretentious nature

(iv) His real nature

(c) Why does he say ‘My hearty, you’re getting soft’?

(i) Does not want to be kind again

(ii) Does not want to feel obliged to the Bishop

(iii) Has no desire to have human feelings again

(iv) Feels nothing

Ans : (a) (ii) (b) (ii) (c) (iii)

3. Convict: Ah! thanks, thanks, Monseigneur. I-I, Ah, I’m a fool, a child to cry, but somehow you have made me feel that—that it is just as if something had come into me— as if I were a man again, not a wild beast.

(a) Why does the convict cry?

(i) Due to sudden help by Bishop

(ii) Due to extreme compassion shown to him

(iii) Because of humanitarian feelings

(iv) Pain in the eyes

(b) What did the Bishop do to make him feel a man again ?

(i) Saved him from the police

(ii) Gave him candlesticks

(iii) Showed him a safe way to escape

(iv) Gave him healthy food

(c) Why does he thank the Bishop?

(i) For the candlesticks

(ii) For restoring his faith in humanity

(iii) For giving him shelter and food

(iv) For giving him bed to sleep

Ans : (a) (ii) (b) (i) (c) (ii)

4. It is hopeless, hopeless. We shall have nothing left. His estate is sold, his savings have gone. His furniture, everything. Were it not for my little dot, we should starve.
(a) Why is Persome so upset?

(i) Bishop does not bother for her

(ii) He neglects his health

(iii) He is overgenerous with total disregard for his own comfort.

(iv) He is silly and people take undue advantage of him

(b) What has been the only sustaining factor to save them from starvation?

(i) Salt-cellars (ii) Candlesticks

(iii) Her dowry (iv) Her house

(c) Why do you think Persome is not able to influence her brother?

(i) Bishop does not care for her

(ii) He is most gullible and believes people easily

(iii) He cannot think of his own welfare before the suffering of others

(iv) None of the above

Ans : (a) (iii) (b) (iii) (c) (iii)

5. You see, my dear, my mother gave them to me on her deathbed just after you were born and————and she asked me to keep them in remembrance of her. 

Who is the speaker and who is the listener?

(i) Bishop – Convict (ii) Convict – Persome

(iii) Bishop – Persome (iv) None of the above

The speaker appears to be emotionally distressed. Why?

(i) The mother is no more.

(ii) Persome is disturbed.

(iii) Due to the emotional attachment to candlesticks.

(iv) Salt-cellars have been broken

Which quality of the mother is revealed here?

(i) Moral (ii) Realistic

(iii) Humane (iv) Affectionate

(a) (iii) (b) (iii) (c) (iv)


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