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Multiple Choice Questions of Keeping it from Harold Class 9th.

Read the extract and answer the questions that follow by choosing the option you consider the most appropriate.

1. ‘Certainly he was very persuasive. Mr. Bramble had fallen in with the suggestions without demur. ’

(a) Who is ‘he’ referred to here?

(i) Mr. Bramble (ii) Major Percy Stokes

(iii) Harold (iv) Jerry Fischer

(b) What was ‘he’ trying to persuade?

(i) That Harold should change his school.

(ii) That Mrs. Bramble should take up a job.

(iii) That Mr. Bramble’s boxing career should be hidden from Harold.

(iv) That Mr. Bramble should carry on working as a commercial traveller.

(c) What is meant by ‘without demur’?

(i) With sadness (ii) Without any charm

(iii) Without delay (iv) Without objection

Ans : (a) (ii) (b) (iii) (c) (iv)

2. ‘A week from tonight would see the end of all her anxieties. ’

(a) Who is ‘her’ referred to?

(i) Mrs. Stokes (ii) Mrs. Fisher

(iii) Miss Mary hoyd (iv) Mrs. Bramble

(b) Why is she anxious?

(i) About her son’s health

(ii) About her son’s education
(iii) About her husband’s debts

(iv) About her own job

(c) What would end her anxieties?

(i) Her husband’s boxing fight with Murphy

(ii) Her son’s admission in a new school

(iii) Getting a new loan

(iv) Buying a new house

Ans : (a) (iv) (b) (ii) (c) (i)

3. ‘He considered that he had been badly treated, and what he wanted most at the moment was revenge. ’

(a) ‘He ’ here refers to

(i) Bill (ii) Percy

(iii) Jerry (iv) Harold

(b) Why did he want to take revenge?

(i) Bill had refused to fight on Monday

(ii) Percy had ill-treated him

(iii) Mrs. Bramble had been inhospitable to him

(iv) He had lost the boxing game

(c) What had been his relations with Bill in the past?

(i) Hostile

(ii) Formal

(iii) He had been fond and proud of Bill

(iv) He had used Bill for his interests
Ans : (a) (iii) (b) (i) (c) (iii)

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