Multiple Choice Questions of Lord Ullin’s Daughter Class 9th.



Read the following extracts and choose the best option :    (CBSE 2010)

1.    And still they row’d amidst the roar Of waters fast prevailing Lord Ullin reached that fatal shore;

His wrath was changed to wailing

(a)    The waters ‘fast prevailing ’ means :

(i)    Quickly racing    (ii) Quickly overpowering

(iii)    Settling down    (iv) Roaring sound

(b)    The shore turns ‘fatal ’ because :

(i)    The lovers drown by the time Lord Ullin and his men reach the shore

(ii)    They left the shore

(iii)    The lovers jumped into the stormy sea

(iv)    The lovers were attacked.
(c)    Synonym for ‘wrath ’ is :

(i)    Sympathy    (ii)    Rage

(iii)    Help    (iv)    Helplessness

Ans : (a) (ii)    (b) (i)    (c)    (ii)

2.    Out spoke the handy Highland wight,

“I’ll go, my chief – I’m ready :

It is not for your silver bright But for your winsome lady. ”

[CBSE 2010 (Term I)]

(a)    Who is the ‘highland wight’?

(i)    The boatman    (ii)    Scottish Chieftain

(iii)    Lord Ullin’s man

(iv)    None of the above

(b)    Why was the boatman ready to take them across the raging sea?(i)    Because of silver coin

(ii)    Because he is helpful

(iii)    Because of the beautiful lady

(iv)    Because he is poor

(c)    List two features of the speaker’s personality.

(i) Helpful    (ii) Brave

(iii) Greedy    (iv) Both (i) and (ii)

Ans. (a) (i)    (b)    (ii)    (c)    (iv)

3.    And still they row’d amidst the roar Of water fast prevailing:

Lord Ullin reach’d that fatal shore, -His wrath was changed to wailing.

[CBSE 2010 (Term I)]

(a)    In spite of bad weather ‘they’ are continuing to row

as :

(i)    They have paid the ferryman

(ii)    They are being chased by the horsemen

(iii)    They are not afraid of the storm

(iv)    They have decided to cross the river

(b)    The shore has been referred as ‘fatal’ meaning deadly because :

(i)    Lord Ullin reached there ready to kill

(ii)    Storm would kill the two lovers

(iii)    Lord Ullin was crying loudly

(iv)    The river was furious with them

(c)    Lord Ullin’s wrath changed to wailing when he :

(i)    Saw his daughter caught in the storm

(ii)    Discovered that she was half way across the


(iii)    Found her along with her lover

(iv)    Realised that they had taken his boat

Ans. (a) (ii)    (b)    (ii) (c) (i)

4.    “Come back! Come back!” he cried in grief “Across this stormy water:

And I’ll forgive your highland chief,

[CBSE 2010 (Term I)]

(a)    The speaker is grieved because :

(i)    his daughter’s life is in danger

(ii)    he has hurt himself fatally

(iii)    his horsemen have left him alone

(iv)    he has lost the battle

(b)    The Highland Chief has invited the wrath of the speaker by :

(i)    Conquering a part of his Estate

(ii)    Eloping with his daughter

(iii)    Insulting the speaker
(iv)    Daring to cross the stormy water

(c)    The speaker’s appeal couldn’t be heard as :

(i)    His daughter had moved away

(ii)    His voice was drowned in the sound of the waves

(iii)    His child was caught in the stormy waters

(iv)    The furious sea engulfed his daughter

Ans. (a) (i)    (b)    (ii) (c) (ii)

5.    “And fast before, her father’s men Three days we’ve fled together,

For should he find us in the glen,

My blood would stain the heather”

[CBSE 2010 (Term I)]

(a)    ‘We ’ in the second line refers to :

(i)    Lord Ullin and his armed men

(ii)    Daughter of Lord Ullin and her lover.

(iii)    The boatman and his friend

(iv)    The horsemen

(b)    Word ‘heather ’ means :

(i)    A cloth    (ii)    A kind of plant

(iii)    A bush    (iv)    A weapon

(c)    ‘Glen ’ here refers to :

(i)    River    (ii)    Mountain

(iii)    Valley    (iv)    Sea

Ans. (a) (ii) (b) (ii) (c) (i)

6.    “O haste thee haste! ” the lady cries Though tempests round us gather;

I’ll meet the raging of the skies,

But not an angry father. ”

[CBSE 2010 (Term I)]

(a)    “The lady” in the first line is_.

(i)    The boatman’s wife

(ii)    Lord Ullin’s wife

(iii)    The boatman’s daughter

(iv)    Lord Ullin’s daughter

(b)    The word ‘tempest ’ in the second line means :

(i)    Thunder    (ii)    Rain

(iii)    Storm    (iv)    Earthquake

(c)    ‘I ll meet the raging of the skies, but not an angry

father ’ shows that she is_.

(i)    scared of him    (ii)    guilty of eloping

(iii)    upset with him

(iv)    afraid he would separate her from her beloved

Ans. (a) (iv) (b) (iii) (c) (iv)

7.    “Out spoke the hardy highland wight I’ll go, my chief – I’m ready:It is not for your silver bright,

But for your winsome lady. ”

(a)    the hardy highland wight” in the first line refers

to :

(i) Lord Ullin    (ii) the Chieftain

(iii)    the boatman    (iv) Lord Ullin’s daughter

(b)    the hardy highland wight” promised to help the chieftain because :
(i)    he was greedy    (ii)    he respected    his chief

(iii)    he was impressed by    the beautiful    beloved

of the chieftain

(iv)    he was very cooperative

(c)    The    speaker of the    above    stanza is :

(i)    the boatman    (ii)    the chieftain

(iii)    Lord Ullin    (iv)    Lord Ullin’s    daughter

Ans. (a) (iii)    (b)    (iii)    (c)    (i)


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