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Multiple Choice Questions of Virtually True Class 10th English Chapter 6.

Read the following extract and write the correct option.
“It couldn’t be Sebastian Shultz I’d met. I leant for
ward to read the rest of the article.”
(i) Michel said the because
(a) the Michael had met a different Sebastian.
(b) it was a case of mistaken identity.
(c) it was the same Sebastian who had played
games with him.
(d) the author could not believe that it was the
same Sebastian, since the real one had been
in coma.
2. “The second Sheriff groaned and slumped back
against me”.
(ii) The narrator was shocked because
(a) The second Sheriff died
(b) The second Sheriff fainted
(c) The second Sheriff fell down from the horse
(d) The game got over so it could not be
ascertained what had happened to him
3. “The aim of the game was simple. I had to rescue
the fair princess Aurora from the wicked dragon.”
(iii) The game was simple because
(a) Michael had played it before
(b) Michael already had read the instructions
(c) Sebastian was the one who had given him all
the clues
(d) Michael was well prepared for he knew the
real objective of the game
(iv) This means that
(a) Sebastian would have to remain in hospital
(b) Sebastian will only remain a computer image
(c) Sebastian would remain in a coma only
(d) Sebastian will never learn to play computer games
5. “I felt really bad. I’d failed Sebastian, I’d failed the
(v) Michael felt bad because
(a) Michael had blundered in forgetting some key
factors while playing the game
(b) Michael had failed Sebastian as he had made
half hearted efforts
(c) The game used to get over before Michael
could help Sebastian
(d) Michael didn’t know that Sebastian was a real
boy, that time
6. “I found what I was looking for quickly enough.
Apparently, at the time of the accident, Sebastian
was using his lap-top to one of the psycho-drive
games that I’ve got.”
(vi) Michael could help Sebastian because
(a) Sebastian had stolen Michael’s games
(b) Sebastian could play any psycho-drive game
from far with remote control.
(c) Sebastian was playing those games and later
they were bought by Michael at a Computer

(d) Sebastian was only a computer image so he
could play games any time.
Answers : (i) (d) (ii) (c) (iii) (d)
(iv) (c) (v) (c) (vi) (c)



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