NCERT Solution of The Frog and the Nightingale Class 10th.



Ans. 1. Listed below are a few character traits of people. Some are positive qualities, while others are not. Tick  mark the ones you feel are desirable qualities in a person.


Characteristic Tick Mark Characteristic Tick Mark Characteristic Tick Mark
Insensitive High-headed Manipulative
Humorous 3 Egoistic Patronising
Naive Humble 3 Submissive 3
Opportunistic Foolish Arrogant
Creative 3 Original 3 Conniving
Disapproving Helpful 3 Innocent 3
Commanding Calculative Condescending
Benevolent 3 Crafty Scheming
Simple 3 Wise 3 Rude
Overbearing Generous 3 Boastful
Sly Gentle 3 Proud
Territorial 3 Aggressive Servile


  1. Complete the table given below. You can use the words in the box given below.


Character Extract Personality traits
Nightingale Sorry – was that you who   spoke? polite, timorous
Frog Yes,  …  you see,

I’m the frog who owns this tree   In this bog I’ve long been known For my splendid  baritone.

boastful conceited
Nightingale Did you … did you like my   song? submissive, meek, innocent, naive
Frog Not  too  bad  –  but  far  too  long The technique was fine, of course, But it lacked a certain   force. arrogant conniving crafty
Frog Without proper training such as I And a few  others  can  supply You’ll remain a mere beginner, But with me you’ll be a    winner. manipulative clever scheming dominating
Nightingale But I can’t sing in this   weather. meek, submissive timid, nervous
Nightingale … This  is  a  fairy tale-

And you’re Mozart in disguise Come to earth before my   eyes.

innocent naive

humble foolish

Frog Come, my dear – we’ll sing   together. manipulative patronising
Frog We  must aim for better  billing


You  still owe me sixty  shillings.

mercenary manipulative opportunistic
Frog Brainless bird – you’re on the    stage


Use  your  wits  and  follow  fashion. Puff your lungs out with your    passion.

dominating superior insensitive patronising rude
Frog … I tried to teach   her,


But she a was stupid   creature.

arrogant crafty insensitive


Dismissive Nervous Timid Presumptuous
Superior Fawning Shy Polite
Meek Possessive Dominating Mercenary


  1. On the basis of your understanding of the poem, complete the sentences given below by choosing the appropriate
    1. The frog’s  aim  was to
      • make the  nightingale  a sensation
      • make the nightingale as good a singer as him
      • maintain his  supremacy  in  the bog
      • make a  lot  of money

2.       The animals reacted to the nightingale’s song with

  • hatred
  • admiration
  • indifference
  • suggestions for improvement

3.       The nightingale accepted the frog’s tutelage  as she

  • was not  confident  of  herself
  • wanted to become as good a singer as the frog
  • wanted to  become  a  professional  singer
  • was not  a  resident  of  Bingle  Bog

4.       The nightingale was sorrowful and pale because

  • she had  been  practising  in  the  rain
  • she had  been  performing  all  night
  • she was  losing  confidence  in  herself
  • she was  falling  ill

5.       The  audience  was  tired  of  her song because

  • they had  heard  it  many times
  • it had  become mechanical
  • she sounded  tired
  • she had  added  trills  to  her  song

6.       She  no  longer  enjoyed  singing  alone as

  • she wanted to sing only for the titled crowd
  • she was now used to the appreciation she got
  • the frog  was  no  longer  with  her


  • she had  become  proud  of  herself

Answers  : 1.     (c)       2.     (b)       3.      (a)  

  1. (b)       5.     (b)       6.     (b)  


10.  Answer the  following  questions briefly.

  • How did the creatures of Bingle Bog react to the nightingale’s singing ?

Ans. The creature of Bingle bog were  surprised  to hear the melodious and soothing voice of the Nightingale. Her singing created a sensation and won tremendous praise.

  • Which are the different ways is which the frog asserts his  importance ?

Ans. The frog pretended to be a great singer and he also said that he was the reporter of Bog ‘Trumpet’. He boasted that he was a music critic and a musician like Mozart and was ready to train    her.

  • Why is frog’s joy both sweet and bitter    ?

[C.B.S.E. 2011  (T-1)]

Ans. Frog was happy to charge money for Nightingale’s song but was unhappy at the popularity of the nightingale in the bog. Financially he was happy to make profit but he did not like the competition and the applause that the nightingale was giving    him.

  • Why was the frog angry  ?

Ans. The nightingale’s songs became  dull,  listless and routine due to exertion and stress. The crowds dwindled and stopped coming for the nightingale’s songs. He was not making money so he was very unhappy.

  • How did the frog become the unrivalled king of the bog again? [C.B.S.E. 2011  (T-1)]

Ans. The frog insulted and humiliated the nightingale. He made her practice continuously in rain and thunder. He instructed her to sing at very high notes. So  out of sheer fatigue and stress, nightingale’s vein burst and she died. So the bog had to tolerate the frog’s singing once again.

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