NCERT Solutions of Virtually True Class 10th English Chapter 6 | Textbook Question


Textbook Question of Virtually True Class 10th English Chapter 6.

Page No: 78

1. According to the newspaper, what had happened to Sebastian Shultz?


Sebastian Shultz was badly injured in a car accident. His condition was described by doctors as critical but stable. In spite of doctors’ efforts Sebastian could not regain consciousness. He went into coma.

2. ‘Dad’s nutty about computers.’ What evidence is there to support this statement?


The narrator’s father was most crazy for computer for he bought a lot of such things at the Computer Fair. He bought a Pentium Processor, a Ram, 1.2 GB hard disk and 16 speed CD ROMs, with speakers, printer, modem and a scanner.

3. In what way did the second game seem very real?


The second was DRAGON QUEST. The narrator felt that he was really walking in the Dragon’s castle where they were being pursued by the dragon, the narrator felt it was like a real chase and even felt the dragon’s hot breath on his face.

4. The last game has tanks, jeeps, helicopters, guns and headings would you put this and the other games under?


Warzone can be categorised under simulation games. Wildwest is a strategy game. Dragonquest is a fantasy role-playing game and Jailbreak is an action game.

5. What was Michael’s theory about how Sebastian had entered the games?


According to Michael, Sebastian was probably playing those games when he banged his head in the accident. The computer had saved his memory into its own. Michael bought a lot of games at the fair. Some of them were the stolen ones of Sebastian. When Michael was playing those games, the computer was trying to retrieve Sebastian’s memory.

B. Reference To Context

Read these lines from the story, then answer the questions.

1. ‘That was my idea’ said Sebastian excitedly.’ If only it would go a big faster’.

1.Where was Sebastian when he spoke these words?


Sebastian was on the roof with the narrator and was waiting for the helicopter.

2. What was his idea, and what was he referring to?

Sebastian was referring to be rescued by a helicopter from the jail, before the guards catch up on him.

3. Was the idea a good one, and did it eventually succeed? How?


Yes, of course, it was a good idea to catch a helicopter. However, the helicopter was slow in landing. The jail guards and dogs caught up with Sebastian. The dogs hurled at Sebastian. To escape the dogs, Sebastian stepped backwards and slipped and fell on the concrete below. Eventually, Sebastian was able to board the helicopter and was rescued. Thus, Michael succeeded in saving and bringing Sebastian back to life.

3.  Answer the following questions briefly.

(a) Why did the news of the ‘miracle recovery’ shock Michael?

AnswerThe news article mentioned that a fourteen-year-old boy called Sebastian Shultz, who had gone into a coma following the accident, had miraculously recovered. Michael was shocked to read this. When he saw the picture of Sebastian, he realised that he was the same person whom he had met in the virtual world and was trying to rescue him. Michael couldn’t understand that how he could meet Sebastian if he was in coma.

(b) Michael’s meeting with Sebastian Shultz had been a chance meeting. Where had it taken place and how?


Michael’s chance meeting with Sebastian had taken place in the virtual world. He had met Sebastian for the first time in a game called Wildwest. He was playing the Sheriff. There was an altercation with Black-eyed Jed and he was going to meet him out of the saloon. Before he could go, he saw another Sheriff, very different from the other computer images. Later he discovered it had been Sebastian Shultz.

(c) What kind of computers fascinated Michael and his dad? Why?


Michael and his dad had recently bought a Pentium 150 MHz processor, with 256 of RAM, a 1.2 GB hard disk drive and 16 speed CD ROM, complete with speakers, printer, modem and scanner. This computer could do anything: paint, play music, create displays and even make rubbish homework look fantastic.

(d) Describe the first place where Michael was virtually transported.


The first place Michael was transported was the time period between the American Civil war and end of the 19th century. (mid 1830’s-1920). Geographically, it was west America. Michael was playing a game called Wildwest where he was a Sheriff caught in a gun fight in a saloon.

(e) What help did Sebastian Shultz ask Michael for? How did he convey this message?


Sebastian Shultz was in the virtual world when his accident took place. As a result he got stuck there. He encountered Michael in this virtual world. He wanted Michael to rescue him. He sent a message to Michael which appeared on his printer.

(f) Why did Michael fail in rescuing Sebastian Shultz the first time?


Michael had followed Sebastian through the chase and they ended up in the saloon. Then Sebastian dived out and both were sitting on the horseback, chased by men on horseback. Sebastian told Michael to keep his head down but he himself was shot by a bullet and slumped back near him. Before Michael could do anything the game got over.

(g) The second attempt to rescue Sebastian Shultz too was disastrous. Give reasons.


Sebastian chopped the princess’s long plaits and tied them together to form a rope and managed to flee from the tower. He and Michael headed towards the dungeons. However, the dragon followed them. As they were going down the steps, the dragon appeared and caught Sebastian. Michael tried to kill the dragon but he had already taken Sebastian. Thus, the second attempt to save Sebastian failed as well.

(h) Narrate the accident that injured Sebastian Shultz.


It happened in WARZONE, where both Sebastian and Michael were trying to escape a city which was exploding with machine-guns and bombs. They jumped into a jeep and Michael managed to get into a helicopter but Sebastian couldn’t get out of the jeep. The jeep had clashed with a tank and Sebastian landed on the ground injured.

(i) How had Sebastian Shultz entered the games?


At the time of the accident, Sebastian was using his computer to play one of the psycho-drive games. He was plugged on to the computer when his head banged in the accident. The computer had saved his memory in its own. Thus, Sebastian had entered the games but could not come out of it.

(j) How was Sebastian Shultz’s memory stored on Michael’s disk? Did Michael discover that?


When Sebastian had met with an accident, the computer had saved his memory as its own. Michael discovered later that the games disk had got stolen in the hospital and he had ended up buying those computer games.

Page No: 79

4. Sebastian Shultz had a close brush with death. After he recovers, he returns to school and narrates his experience to his classmates. As Sebastian Shultz, narrate your experience.


Hi friends, great to see you all. I had almost lost hope to meet you all again ever. Six weeks ago, I was on my way out of town with some friends for a weekend. I had my laptop with me. It was a four-hour journey to our destination. So, to engage myself, I logged on to one of my psycho-drive games. After an hour of driving on the highway, the car suddenly screeched to a halt. Since we were driving at a great speed, the driver lost control of the car and car somersaulted before falling into a ditch. As the car fell into the ditch, my head hit against the roof of the car and everything blacked out. I don’t remember what happened to me after that. I was told that I had slipped into coma and only a miracle had brought me back. Another miraculous
thing happened to me. At the time of the accident, I was in the midst of a game. Although, I entered it I couldn’t come out of it. Somebody stole my lot of games while I was in the hospital. Some of those were bought by a person called Michael, who rescued me and got me out. So, indirectly he is my Saviour. I am planning to meet him soon. It is great to be back friends! I have had a harrowing time, VIRTUALLY!!

5. Continue the story.
Will Michael and Sebastian Shultz meet in real life? Will they be friends? Will they try to re-enter the virtual world together? You may use the following hints:
How the accident occurred
Transfer of memory
Meeting with Michael
Appeals for help
Rescue and recovery


What I know is this – Everything that I’ve described is true virtually.
Now I was planning to see Sebastian.
One day, i really happened. he was in a computer shop buying latest games. At Once, I recognized him. Yes- Same face I saw in the message, in the game.
‘Excuse me! Are you Sebastian?’ I said in excited way.
‘Yes, How do you know my name?’ the same voice I had heard in the games.
“You don;t know me but I know you well. Remember, the last game you had been playing just before the accident. And you went in coma six weeks ago.” I tried to explain.
“Yes, bu has the game everything to do with you? I don’t understand.” he was surprised and a bit confused.
“You mean you don’t remember anything.” I gasped.
“Let’s sit in a coffee shop. i am curious to know about my games which were stolen by someone when I was in the hospital.” he said and hold me by the hand.
Next moment we were in the Cafeteria and talking. i related everything ever message he had sent to me. Listening carefully, he gaped in awe and fear.
Apparently, he believed my words. he seemed grateful to me for saving his life.
“Can you show me the games?I bet it is a miracle. What do you say, buddy?” he chirped.
I looked at him curiously and asked, Are you interested in those games still?  They are dangerous.”
“Come on. By the way would you please tell me your name?” he asked expectantly.
“O Yes, I am Michael, you partner in the game.” I said happily.
“Well, I want to ask you something if you don’t mind.” he hesitated.
“Don’t hesitate Seb. We’re friends now.”
“Michael, I want to re-enter the virtual world with you. It’s really exciting to relieve the adventurous moments again. It will be rocking.” said Sebastian. i could not refuse.
He hold my hand and took me to his car. the driver was waiting. “We’re going Michael home.” He told the driver.
The driver started the engine.

Page No: 80

6. Put the following sentences in a sequential order to complete the story.

(a) Sebastian Shultz was badly injured in a motorway accident and went into a coma.
(b) Sebastian’s memory was saved in the computer when he banged his head on it during the accident.
(c) When Michael played the game, he entered Sebastian’s memory.
(d) Michael bought the latest psycho-drive games from the computer fair.
(e) Sebastian Shultz was the second sheriff in the ‘Dragonquest’
(f) Michael pulled Sebastian into the helicopter and the screen flashed a score of 40,000,000.
(g) Sebastian requested Michael to try ‘Jailbreak’.
(h) Sebastian failed to save the boy who fell through the air.
(i) Sebastian thought the helicopter was the right idea and they should go into the ‘Warzone’.
(j) The games were stolen from Shultz’s house.
(k) Sebastian thanks Michael for saving his life and asks him to keep the games.


(a) Sebastian Shultz was badly injured in a motorway accident and went into a coma.
(b) Sebastian’s memory was saved in the computer when he banged his head on it during the accident.
(j) The games were stolen from Shultz’s house.
(d) Michael bought the latest psycho-drive games from the computer fair.
(c) When Michael played the game, he entered Sebastian’s memory.
(e) Sebastian was the second sheriff in ‘Dragonquest’.
(g) Sebastian requested Michael to try ‘Jailbreak’.
(h) Sebastian failed to save the boy who fell through the air.
(i) Sebastian thought the helicopter was the right idea and they should go into the ‘Warzone’.
(f) Michael pulled Sebastian into the helicopter and the screen flashed a score of 40,000,000.
(k) Sebastian thanks Michael for saving his life and asks him to keep the games.

Writing Task

8. Here are some opinions about computer games in general.
1. Encourage sedentary lifestyle
2. Too much time is wasted
3. Negative impact on health
4. Psychological imbalance
5. The games are addictive.
6. Reduce social skills
7. Promote violence and aggression
8. Detach one from reality
Do you think these opinions are biased? Write an article entitled ‘Virtual games are a reality.’


Virtual world or cyberspace is an environment using computer technology to create a simulated, three-dimensional world that a user can manipulate and explore while feeling as if he were in that world. In a virtual reality environment, the user experiences the feeling of being inside and a part of that world. He is also able to interact with his environment in meaningful ways. Virtually real environment has benefited the health care industry. The doctors use virtual reality products to treat phobias, addictions and other mental health needs.

However, some psychologists are concerned that virtual reality games could psychologically affect a player. They suggest that these games place a player in violent situations, particularly as the perpetrator of violence and could result in the user becoming desensitised. Some psychologists also believe that these games can lead to cyber addiction. There have been several news stories of gamers neglecting their real lives for their online, in-game presence.

Another rising concern is about criminal acts. In a virtual game, defining a criminal act has been problematic. At what point can authorities charge a person with a real crime for actions within a virtual game? Studies indicate that people can have real physical and emotional reactions to stimuli within a virtual game. Thus, it’s quite possible that a victim of a virtual attack could feel real emotional trauma. Can the attacker be punished for causing real-life distress? We don’t have answers to these questions yet.


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