Non-Multiple Choice Questions of The Bishop’s Candlesticks Drama Class 9th


Read the following extracts and answer the questions given thereafter.

1. You are incorrigible. You will sell your candlesticks next. [CBSE 2011 (Term III)]

(a) Who speaks these words and to whom?

Ans. These words have been spoken by Bishop’s sister to Bishop.

(b) Why does the speaker consider the person incorrigible?
Ans. She considers him incorrigible because he had sold off his estate, furniture and other valuables to help the poor and needy.

(c) What is special about the candlesticks?

Ans. Candlesticks were very special because they were a gift from his dying mother, whom he loved a lot.

2. Sold! Sold! Are you mad?

Who sold them? Why were they sold?

[CBSE 2011 (Term II)]

(a) Who is the speaker and who is he/she talking to?

Ans. The speaker is Bishop’s sister, Persome. She is talking to the Bishop.

(b) What has been sold?

Ans. The salt cellers, made of silver, have been sold.

(c) Who has sold them and why?

Ans. Bishop has sold the salt cellers to help an ailing lady by paying the rent of her house.

3. Tell you about it? Look here, I was a man once. I’m a beast now, and they made me what I am. They chained me up like a wild animal. [CBSE 2011 (Term II)]

(a) Who speaks these lines and to whom?

Ans. These lines have been spoken by the convict to the Bishop.

(b) Who made him a beast? How?

Ans. The police in the prison made him a beast by beating him and keeping him in unhealthy conditions.

(c) Which figure of speech has been used in the last line of the above extract?
Ans. The figure of speech used here i here i is ‘similie’.


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