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Non-Multiple Choice Questions of The Brook Poetry Class 9th

Read the extracts and answer the following questions.

1. By thirty hills I hurry down,

Or slip between the ridges,

By twenty thorpes, a little town,

And half a hundred bridges.

(a) How does the brook flow through the hills? Ans. It passes through various hills meeting different

odds which affect its smooth movements.

(b) What are the things which come in its way? Ans. The things which come in its way are flowers,

fish, willows, weeds, etc.

(c) What is the brook’s destination?

Ans. Brook’s final destination is a brimming river.

2. I slip, I slide, I gloom, I glance,

Among my skimming swallows,

I make the netted sunbeam dance Against my sandy shallows.
(a) Why does the poet repeatedly use ‘I’ in the above stanza? What poetic purpose does it serve?

Ans. By repeatedly using ‘I’ the poet has personified the brook to make us tell the struggles it faces during its journey.

(b) What are the various quick movements that the brook makes?

Ans. Sometimes the brook moves gently and sometimes forcefully. It also makes a zigzag movement like a snake.

(c) Give the rhyme scheme of the above stanza.

Ans. The rhyming scheme is abab.

3. I murmur under moon and stars In brambly wildernesses;

I linger by my shingly bars;

I loiter round my cresses;

(a) The movement of the brook appears to have undergone a change. How?

Ans. It is depicted in the lines above that the brook has slowed down. The poet has used the words ‘linger and loiter’ to show slow movement.

(b) What effect do ‘moon and stars’ have over the movement of the brook?

Ans. The moon and stars have slowed down the journey of the brook. They make it murmur.

(c) What are ‘cresses’?

Ans. Cresses are the hot-tasting leaves, used for salads.

4. And out again I curve and flow To join the brimming river,
For men may come and men may go,

But I go on forever.

(a) What is the final destination of the brook?

Ans. The final destination of the brook is the brimming river.

(b) Explain ‘brimming river’.

Ans. The brimming river means the river overflowing with water.

(c) What is the message of the poet?

Ans. The poet compares the journey of the brook with human life with the only difference that human life is mortal, whereas the brook is immortal.


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