Non-Multiple Choice Questions of A Dog Name Duke Class 9th.


Read the extracts and answer the questions that follow.

1. “About six weeks after the accident, the hospital put him in a wheelchair. ”

(a) Who does ‘him’ refer to ?

Ans. ‘Him’ refers to Chuck Hooper who has been admitted in the hospital after he met with an accident.
(b) How had ‘he’ met with an accident ?

Ans. One day when Hooper was driving home from office, a car came without warning and collided head on with his car.

(c) How did the accident affect Hooper ?

Ans. Hooper had a subdural haemorrhage in the motor

section of his brain which completely paralyzed his left side.

2. ‘Finally they decided to bring Duke home.’

(a) Who is ‘Duke’ ?

Ans. Duke is their pet dog who had been sent to a kennel after Hooper met with an accident.

(b) Where had Duke been sent ?

Ans. Duke had been sent to a kennel after Hooper met with an accident.

(c) Why was Duke being brought home ?

Ans. Duke was being brought home to give company to Hooper who was bedridden and was all alone at home after his wife left for work.

3. “On January 4, Hooper made a big move. ”

(a) Who was Hooper ?

Ans. Hooper was working as a Zonal Sales Manager in a chemical company.

(b) What was the ‘big move’ he made ?

Ans. After he met with an accident, Hooper’s ‘big

move’ was his first attempt to have walked 200 metres without the assistance of his dog.

(c) Who had been instrumental in helping Hooper to make this ‘big move’ ?

Ans. It was his dog ‘Duke’ who awakened Hooper’s will, which was lying dormant in his mind, to fight back and emerge victorious.

4. Several people jumped to lift the dog. “No please, ” she said.

(a) Why did the people want to lift the dog ?

Ans. The dog had met with an accident. It was

severally injured and had to be taken to the hospital.

(b) Why did Marcy say “No please” ?

Ans. She said so because Marcy had a deep feeling of gratitude for the dog and she herself wanted to do every possible thing for it.

(c) What had happened to the dog ?

Ans. The dog had been hit by a vehicle in front of their home and was severally injured.


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