Non-Multiple Choice Questions of The Frog and the Nightingale Class 10th.



Read the following extracts and answer the following questions.

And the whole admiring bog
Stared towards the sumac, rapt
And when she had ended, clapped
Ducks had swum and herons waded
to her as she serenaded
(a) What was the reaction of the nightingale’s
Ans :
All the residents near the sumac tree clapped,
praised and felt ecstatic at the nightingale’s song.
(b) Explain ‘serenaded’ and ‘rapt’.
Ans :
‘Serenaded’ means sang beautifully and ‘rapt’
means totally mesmerised.
(c) How did the nightingale sing and make
a difference to the frog’s songs?
: She sang very musically and with great
emotion which was very different from the frog’s loud
and harsh voice.
(2) ‘‘Not too bad – but far too long
The technique was fine of course
But it lacked a certain force’.’
(a) Why is the frog making the above
Ans :
The frog wishes to impress the nightingale
as if he is an expert and get her to train.
(b) What defects does he point out in the
nightingale’s songs ?
Ans :
The frog states that her song lacked energy
and was too long.
(c) What was the reaction of the nightingale
to the above comments ?
: The nightingale was impressed as she was
very vulnerable and innocent.
(3) Flushed with confidence and fired
with both art and adoration
song and was a huge sensation
… And the frog with great precision
counted heads and charged admission
(a) How had nightingale changed after her
Ans :
The nightingale became confident and
enjoyed her success.
(b) How did the frog make use of this
Ans :
The frog arranged concerts for her and minted
lot of money.
(c) What do the above lines reflect about the
nightingale and the frog’s temperament?
: The nightingale was a true artist who thrived
on the adulation of the crowd. The frog was a shrewd
businessmen, and was very materialistic.
(4) For six hours, till she was shivering
and her voice was hoarse and quivering
Though subdued and sleep deprived
In the night her throat revived
(a) Why had the nightingale come to this
Ans :
The nightingale had sung for six hours at
a stretch, so she was very tired.
(b) How did she revive?
Ans :
At night her throat healed after rest.
(c) What would be the future of this kind of
: She would succumb to such pressure and
exertion and that is what happened.
(5) “And my dear, lay on more trills
Audiences enjoy such frills
You must make your public happier
Give them something sharper, snappier
We must aim for better billings.”
(a) What are the suggestions given by the frog
for improvement?
: The frog wanted more embellishments and
fast-paced notes from the nightingale.
(b) Do you believe the frog’s suggestions are
: No, the frog wanted to tire and exploit the
(c) What objective is there for the frog in
giving the suggestions?
: The frog wanted money and be the
undisputed singer of the bog.
(6) At a voice so uninspired
And the ticket office gross
Crashed and she grew more morose
For her ears were now addicted
to applause quite restricted.
(a) Why did the crowd stop listening to the


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