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Non-Multiple Choice Questions of The Man Who Knew Too Much Class 9th

Read the extract and answer the questions that follow.

\.“The squad listened in a cowed, horrified kind of silence. ”

(a) To whom was the squad listening?

Ans. The squad was listening to the lecture being given by Professor who was asked by Corporal to replace him.

(b) What was the person giving a lecture on?

Ans. The person was giving a lecture on the hand


(c) Why was the squad ‘horrified’?

Ans. The squad was horrified because they were shocked at the impertinence of the Professor and were apprehensive about its outcome.

2. “Through the open door, we could see the three cooks standing against the wall as if at bay. ”

(a) Who is ‘we’ referred to?

Ans. We here are referred to the writer and his friend, Trower.

(b) What is meant by ‘at bay’?

Ans. ‘At Bay’ here means trapped and cornered.

(c) Who was sermonizing the three cooks?

Ans. It was the Professor who was sermonizing the three cooks.
3. “ Whenever one of us shone, the Professor outshone him. ” [CBSE 2011 (Term 2)]

(a) Which quality of the Professor is spoken about?

Ans. The Professor was highly conceited. He

needlessly tried to show his knowledge and humiliate others.

(b) How did the speaker benefit from the Professor as a co-trainee?

Ans. They were much impressed by the hard work he used to put in pursuit of his ambition, and the amount of knowledge he possessed.

(c) Why couldn’t the Professor please his friends despite his excellent intelligence?

Ans. He could not please them because he always tried to show off his knowledge and tried to belittle and humiliate others.

4. “Forty Four”.

“What is that?” The Corporal looked over his shoulders.

“Forty-four segments, ” the Professor beamed at him.

[CBSE 2011 (Term 2)]

(a) What is the occasion of the above talk?

Ans. It was when Corporal Turnball was delivering a lecture on a hand grenade.

(b) Why did the Corporal look back?

Ans. He did so because the professor had dared to

(c) What are forty-four segments? interrupt him while he was delivering a lecture on hand

Ans. Forty-four segments here refer to the segments grenade. outside a hand grenade.


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