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Non-Multiple Choice Questions of Patol Babu, Film Star Class 10th English Chapter 5.

Read the following extracts and answer the questions
that follow :
‘‘I hope the part calls for some dialogue ?’’‘‘Certainly.
It’s a speaking part. You have acted before, haven’t you?’’
(a) Identify the two people exchanging the above
: This dialogue is between Naresh Dutt and Patol
(b) What reservations are expressed by the first
person? Why?
: Patol Babu wishes to confirm if he has a speaking
(c) Do you believe the information given by the
second speaker is truthful? Why/Why not?
: No, Patol Babu did not have any dialogue to speak.
He just has to utter one monosyllable ‘Oh!’
2. Patol Babu hadn’t expected such news at the start of
the day. That an offer to act in film would come to a 52 years
old nonentity like him was beyond his wildest dreams.
(a) Why didn’t Patol Babu expect such news?
: He hadn’t got any acting offers for the last 52
years for a film.
(b) Why did he consider himself a nonentity after
acting in theatre?
: He was extremely modest and there was a large
gap of years between his threatre days and this offer.
(c) What was his reaction?
: He was thrilled and very pleasantly surprised.
3. ‘‘Counting your chickens again before they’re
hatched, are you ? No wonder you could never make a go of
(a) Describe the context of the above statement.
: Patol’s wife believes that Patol Babu was too happy
(b) Why does the speaker use the expression, “never
make a go of it’’?
: His wife believes that Patol Babu could not be
successful after so many years.
(c) Do you think that the prediction made above
proved to be true ? Why/ Why not?
: No, Patol Babu did perfectly the part he was given
to play, even if it was a tiny role.
4. ‘‘Is that so ? Well, I suggest you go and wait in the
shade there. We have a few things to attend to before we get
going ?

(a) Who is the speaker and the listener?
: The speaker is Naresh Dutt and the listener is Patol
(b) What is the context of the above statement?
: This is said when Patol Babu reports for shooting
at the set.
(c) What does the above statement reflect about
the speaker’s attitude?
: The speaker is not much bothered about Patol
Babu’s arrival.
5. ‘‘As an artist your aim should be to make the most of
your opportunity and squeeze the last drop of meaning out
of your lines.’’
(a) Who was supposed to have said these lines and
to whom?
: These lines were spoken by Gagon Pakrashi to Patol
(b) Discuss the relevance of the above statement in
the given context?
: Patol Babu is trying to derive inspiration from his
mentor’s advice.
(c) Do you think, the listener followed these
instructions? How? To what extent?
: Yes, Patol Babu perfected the little role he was
given after remembering his mentor’s words.


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