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Non-Multiple Choice Questions of A Shady Plot Class 10th English Chapter 4.

Read the following extracts and answer the questions.Read the following extracts and answer the questions.
1. ‘‘It was like watching one of these moving picture cartoons being put together. ”
(a) Explain ‘It’.
Ans. The apparition taking shape is referred to as ‘It’.
(b) What is like watching a cartoon movie? Ans. The figure of the ghost taking full shape.
(c) What effect does it have on the ‘narrator’? Ans. The narrator is shocked and surprised.
2. ‘‘We’re been called out of beds a little too often in recent years and now we’re through.”
(a) Who have been called constantly?
Ans. The ghosts like Helen.
(b) What is unnatural about their being called? Ans. People generally do not summon ghosts, so it is
(c) What is the person’s complaint?
Ans. The ghost is fed up of being troubled at all odd hours.
3. “It’s …. so cheap! I got it at a bargain sale.”
(a) What has been bought cheap?
Ans. The Ouija board.
(b) Do you think the narrator would be happy with this news? Why/Why not?
Ans. He was shocked and got worried at the news.
(c) Who had asked the narrator to avoid its use? Ans. The ghost Helen had threatened the narrrator not
to use the Ouija board.
4. ‘‘Someone has been trying to communicate with
John through……….. Ouija……… someone with the name
of Helen.”
(a) Who is Helen? What was her relation withJohn?
Ans. Helen is the ghost and she had helped John with good plots for his stories.
(b) What is Ouija Board? What is its purpose? Ans. A Ouija Board is a talking board in which the
ghosts answer the questions asked by people.
(c) How can one communicate through the Ouija? Ans. The people ask questions and the ghosts answer
5. “John, there is not a bit of use trying to deceive me. What is it you are trying to conceal from me?”
(a) Why was John trying to deceive the speaker? Ans. John did not wish to frighten his wife by letting
her see the ghost.
(b) Whom was he trying to conceal?
Ans. He was trying to hide Helen, the ghost.
(c) What was John afraid of?
Ans. John thought that his wife would faint at the sight of the ghost.
6. “I sat staring at it and presently noticed something just taking shape. It was exactly like watching one of these moving picture cartoons being put together. ”
[C.B.S.E. 2012 (T-2)]
(a) What was the narrator staring it?
Ans. The narrator was staring at the woman standing before him.
(b) How was the figure talking shape?
Ans. The figure was taking shape gradually.
(c) Who was gradually taking a definite shape part by part?
Ans. A ghost, called Helen, was gradually taking a definite shape.

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