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Non-Multiple Choice Questions of Song of the Rain Class 9th.

Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow :

1.    I am beautiful pearls plucked from the crown of Ishter by the daughter of Dawn to embellish the gardens

(a)    Who does ‘I’ refer to in these lines ?

Ans. ‘I’ is referred to the rain.

(b)    What does ‘I’ compare itself to ?

Ans. I (the rain) compares itself to the beautiful pearls plucked from the crown of Ishter (goddess of fertility)

(a) What is meant by the phrase ‘to embellish the garden’ ?

Ans. It means to decorate the garden.

2.    The field and the cloud are lovers and between them I am a messenger of mercy I quench the thirst of the one I cure the ailment of the other

(a)    Why are the field and the cloud called lovers ?

Ans. The are called lovers as they are far away from each other and desperately want to meet.

(b)    How does the rain help the field and the cloud ?
Ans. The rain helps them by acting as a messenger of mercy. It quenches the thirst of one and cures the ailment of the other.

(c)    In these lines ‘messenger of mercy’ refers to whom ?

Ans. It refers to ‘the rain’.

3.    The voice of thunder declares my arrival;

The rainbow announces my departure I am like earthly life which begins at

The feet of the mad elements and ends under the upraised wings of death.

(a)    What declares the arrival of the rain ?

Ans. The thunder announces the arrival of rain.

(b)    How is the departure of the rain announced ?

Ans. The departure of the rain is announced by the rainbow.

(c)    How does the poet compare the rain to the earthly life ?

Ans. Just like everything on the earth takes birth and dies, so does the rain. It has a beginning and comes to an end.


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