Non-Multiple Choice Questions of Virtually True Class 10th English Chapter 6.


Read the following extracts and answer the questions given thereafter.

1.“The doctors were doing all they could, but in our hearts we knew we needed a miracle”.

[C.B.S.E. 2012 (T-2)]

(a) Who made the above remark?

Ans :Mrs. Shultz, Sebastian’s mother, made the above remark.

(b) Discuss the context of the remark?

Ans :Sebastian had gone into a coma and he was not recovering.

(c) What kind of miracle was required and for whom?

Ans :Sebastian could only be cured by a miracle.

(d) What was surprising about the miracle to Michael?

Ans: Michael was surprised to see the photo because he knew Sebastian and was surprised to know about the accident.

2. “With the help of the skeleton swipe-card we were soon out of the cell and racing down corridors.” D – 60 New Wave Communicative English – X (a) Who are the partcipants and what is the game?

Ans :This game was called JAILBREAK and it was played by Michael and Sebastian.

(b) Why is Michael playing this game?

Ans :Michael is playing this to rescue Sebastian.

(c) Why had Sebastian urged Michael to play this game?

Ans :In the earlier game Michael had not been successful in rescuing Sebastian so he had asked him to play this game.

(d) Did Michael succeed in his efforts? Why/ Why not?

Ans :No, in this game also he had fallen down on the concrete, when dogs had charged towards them.

3. “There’s got to be some kind of accident… go into WARZONE. If this doesn’t work I won’t bother you again.”

(a) Who has sent the above message and to whom?

Ans :This frantic message was sent by Sebastian to Michael.

(b) What is the objective behind this message?

Ans :In every game Michael had failed to save Sebastian. So this was to be the last game.

(c) What are the fears and apprehensions faced by the sender?

Ans :If WARZONE does not work, then Sebastian would never trouble Michael again.

(d) What kind of help does the sender seek?


Ans: There had to be some kind of accident only then he would be saved.

4. “At least, that was what I thought then. Now I knew that Sebastian Shultz, the boy in the game, really did exist.”

(a) How did the speaker know that Sebastian Shultz existed?

Ans :Michael had seen the proof in the newspaper by seeing Sebastian’s photo that he did exist.

(b) What had been the source of his information?

Ans :The article and Sebastian’s photo in the newspaper.

(c) How did this information help the narrator in solving the mystery?

Ans :Michael also checked the net and discovered that real Sebastian did exist.

(d) Sebastian exists in the game and in real life?

Ans: At the time of his accident, Sebastian was playing those psycho-drive games and the computer saved his memory as its own. When Michael played those games, Sebastian was at the other end.


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