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Notes of Outcomes Of Democracy Class 10th Civics Chapter 7

7- Outcomes of Democracy

How do we access democracy’s outcomes

How do you say that democracy is a better form of Govt.?

Ans. 1) Democracy promotes equality among citizens.

2) It enhances the dignity of individual.

3) It improves the quality of decision making.

4) /it provides a method to resolve conflicts.

5) It allows room to correct mistakes.

The dilemma of democracy: Democracy is seen to be good in principle, but felt to not so good in practice.

Important feature of democracy
  • Democracies have formed, the constitution they hold election they have parties they provide a right to the citizen.
  • The first step towards thinking carefully about the outcomes of democracy is to recognize that democracy is just a form of govt.

Accountable, responsive & Legitimate govt.

How can we say that democracy is accountable, Responsive and legitimate?

Ans. 1) People have right to choose the ruler and have control over them.

2) People can participate in decision making.

3) Democracy produces a govt. that is accountable to the citizen and responsive to the needs and expectation of the citizens.

4) Democracy is based on deliberation and negotiation.

5) Democratic decisions are acceptable to the citizens.

6) Citizens have right to examine the process of decision making it is called transparency.

7) A Legitimate democratic govt. is people’s own govt.

Economic Growth and Development

  1. What are factors that economic development depends on?

Ans. Country’s population size, global situation, Co-Operation from other countries, economic priorities adopted by the government.

Reduction of inequality and poverty

  • Democracies are based on political equality all individuals have equal weight in electing representatives.
  • Parallel to the process of bringing individual into the political area on an equal footing, we find growing economic inequalities.
  • A small no. of ultra rich enjoy a highly disproportionate share of wealth and incomes.
  • Democracies do not appear to be very successful on reducing economic inequalities.

Accommodation of Social Diversity

Democracy usually develops a procedure to conduct their competition this reduces the possibility of these tensions becoming expensive.

How do Democracies accommodate social diversity?

Ans. 1) No society can fully resolve conflicts among different groups.

2) Democracy is best suited to negotiate to differences.

3) Nondemocratic rules often term a blind eye to social differences.

4) Ability to handle social differences, conflict and decision is a plus pointed democracy.

Democracies must fulfill 2 conditions in order to achieve outcome:

  1. It is necessary to understand that democracy does not simply rule by the majority opinion. The majority always needs to work with the minority so that govt. function to represent the general view.
  2. It is also necessary that rule by the majority does not become rule by majority community in terms of religion on race or linguistic. Majority means in case every decision or in case of every election, different persons and group may and can form a majority remains democracy only as long as every citizen has a chance of being in majority at some point of time.

Dignity and Freedom of citizens

Role play by democracies to ensure dignity and freedom of citizens?

Ans. 1) Democracy stand much superior to among other form of govt. in promotion dignity and freedom to the individual.

2) Women are given equal treatment in democratic society.

3) Equal status and equal opportunities are assured to disadvantaged and discriminated.

How examination of Democracy never gets over?

Ans. As democracy passes one test, it produces another test. As people get some benefit democracy, they ask for more and want to make democracy even better. That is why, when we ask people about the way democracy function, they will always come up with more expectation an may complain. The fact that people are complaining is itself a testimony to the success of democracy it shows that people have developed awareness and ability to expect and to look critically at power holder and high and the mighty. A public expression of dissatisfaction with democracy shows the success of the democratic project: A transformation peoples from the status of the subject into that of citizens.

Long struggle by women have created some sensitivity today that respect to and equal treatment of women is necessary ingredients of democratic society explain?


  • The principle of Equality: Democracy follow the principle of equal voting right is given to all irrespective of people’s caste, colour, and gender.
  • Lega’s base: Democracy do not give equal treatment and respect to women. But once the principle of equality is to recognize it becomes easier for women to struggle against what is more acceptable
  • Women’s Political Representation.

Explain any 4 areas in which democracy has failed?


  1. Corruption: The record of democracies shows us that most of the democratic countries have failed to remove corruption.
  2. Nonattentive to needs of people: A democratic govt. should be attentive to needs and demand of people, but unfortunately, the record of democracy is not impressive on this issue.
  3. Economic growth and development: Democracy has failed on this issue. If one considers all democracies and all dictatorship for that 60 years dictatorship has a slightly higher rate of common growth.
  4. Production of Inequality: One expects democracies to reduce economic disparities. Most of the democracies of the world have failed on this issue.
  5. Reduction of Poverty: In most of the democracy a small number of Alta rich enjoy a highly disproportionate wealth and income. These at the bottom have little to depend upon.

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