Short Answer Questions of Oh, I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth Class 9th


1.    “When I had more tooth there than fillin’

To pass the gobstoppers”

(i)    Explain the first line.

(ii)    What does ‘gobstopper’ mean?

(iii)    Why did the poet eat it?

Ans. (i) The first line refers to the time when the poet had teeth and no cavities to be filled or otherwise. These were strong good teeth.

(ii)    Gobstopper means a large, hard sweet.

(iii)    The poet in her youth had been very fond of sweets. She was not far-sighted or strong-willed to forego the temptation of eating them : She did not visualise the dangers of cavities and painful teeth and gums.

2.    “All that hard peanut brittle

My conscience gets horribly pricked. ”

(i)    Why did the poet feel guilty?

(ii)    What damage was caused by hard peanut?

Ans. “The poet feels guilty when she thinks of all the sweets she had sucked and enjoyed specially peanut brittle which is a hard sweet made from nuts and sugar, which did a lot of damage to her teeth.

The hard peanut brittle damaged her teeth. Constant eating of this hard brittle sweet was not good for her teeth which became weak with time.

3.    Why did the poet laugh at her mother’s teeth?

Ans. The poet laughed at her mothers false teeth which used to be kept in water. She was young irresponsible and quite ignorant of the importance of a good denture in one’s life. To her it looked funny. But now finding herself in the same situation she realises their importance.

4.    What is ‘reckoning’ time for the poet? Can it be helped now?

Ans. Reckoning means making amends for one’s mistakes. The poet neglected her teeth. Now when she
faced with the danger of losing them and a number of painful cavities to deal with, she feels as if the time to give accountability for her negligence had come.

5.    Give an appropriate proverb that conveys the message that this poem gives. Relate the proverbs to the poem.


‘Prevention is better than cure’. Explain with reference    to    the    poem,    ‘Oh,    I    wish I’d looked after my teeth’.    [CBSE 2010 (Term II)]

No    use    crying    over    spilt    milk — means you can achieve nothing by lamenting over the loss of something which cannot be retrieved. The poet is now lamenting that she should have taken good care of her teeth at the right time and not succumbed to the tempetation of eating too many sticky sweets. She is forgetting that she cannot get her beautiful strong teeth back by regretting her mistakes. The message is that when the opportunity is there, we must take it; once it is lost it cannot be retrieved. This holds good in all situations.

6.    What caused cavities in the teeth of the poetess?

[CBSE 2010 (Term II)]


How is the poetess responsible for spoiling her teeth ?    [CBSE 2010 (Term II)]

The poet was very stubborn and negligent of dental hygiene during childhood. She was careless and never listened to the instructions of her mother. She was too tempted by lollies, candies, sherbets and other sticky sweets. Her mother cautioned her time and again that a tooth is like a friend, and it should be looked after well. But the poet could not resist sweets and thus spoiled her teeth.


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