Short Answer Questions of Patol Babu, Film Star Class 10th English Chapter 5.


1. Who was Nishikanto Babu and what proposal
did he bring for Patol Babu?
Ans :
Nishikanto Babu was Patol Babu’s neighbour and
he brought a film offer for Patol Babu. Nishikanto’s rela
tive, Naresh Dutt was looking for someone like Patol Babu
for his film and Nishikanto had suggested Patol’s name.
2. This kind of offer was ‘‘beyond his wildest
dreams’’. Why?
Ans :
Patol Babu was already 52 years old and virtually
unknown, in the field of acting. So he was pleasantly sur
prised that a nonentity like him had received a film offer.
Moreover, he was very modest in his bearing and for quite
sometime had nurtured such kind of dreams.
3. What kind of fame had Patol Babu achieved in
Ans :
At some time in his life, Patol Babu had a real
passion for the stage. He had been simply obssessed. In the
‘Jatras’ he was very well-known and always in demand.
His name appeared in handbills many times and people
bought tickets specially to see him perform.
4. What desperate efforts were made by Patol
Babu to earn a decent living?
[C.B.S.E. 2012 (T-2)]
Ans :
Initially Patol Babu had a job in a railway factory.
In 1934, he was offered higher salary as a clerk in a fa
mous company. Later he shifted to Calcutta and soon lost
his job due to war. He tried his hard at a variety store
which only lasted for 5 years. He worked in a Bengali
firm, then as an insurance agent but nothing lasted.
5. What details of the role were furnished by
Naresh Dutt, the film’s director, to Patol Babu?
Ans :
Patol Babu was supposed to enact the role of a
pedestrian who is absent-minded and short-tempered.
There were some dialogues also according to Naresh Dutt
and it was supposed to be a proper speaking part.
6. Describe the scene outside the Faraday House
Ans :
A big crowd had already gathered outside the
building. A bus was carrying the equipment, There were
cameras, stands, crowds of people everywhere. Most of the
people were busy carrying the equipment, carting it here
and there.
7. Why was Patol Babu particular about getting
his dialogues in advance?
Ans :
Patol Babu was a perfectionist. He wished to
practice his dialogues beforehand so that he did not make
a spectacle of himself in front of the lead actors. He was
too enthusiastic and didn’t wish to make any mistake in his
8. ‘‘Patol Babu glanced at the paper… and found
a sudden throbbing in his head. The heat was
unbearable.” Why did this happen?
[C.B.S.E. 2012 (T-2)]
What were Patol Babu’s ‘dialogues’ and what
was his reaction on seeing them?
Ans :
Patol Babu found that he had to speak just one
word, that too a monosyllable ‘Oh!’ He had been promised
a proper speaking part and after a long wait and great
expectation, he felt too depressed to see his small role. He
felt cheated and quite demoralised.
9. What kind of practice did Patol Babu do?
Ans :
Patol Babu practised speaking ‘Oh!’ a thousand
times. He tried to give it a different inflection, add all

kinds of emotions and styles to this word. He practiced his
body language, how he would act during collision with the
hero, how he would fling his arms, how his body would
crouch in pain and surprise.
10. What justification is rendered by Sasanko regarding Patol Babu’s speaking role?
Ans :
Sasanko was a very clever and tactful person. He
told Patol Babu that he had a regular speaking part and he
was indeed very lucky to get such a part in Baren
Mullick’s film. Most of the people had only crowd scenes
and even the lead actor had no lines to speak that day.

11. Why did Patol Babu disappear before collect
ing his payment? [C.B.S.E. 2012 (T-2)]
Ans : Patol Babu was happy at his performance because

he felt that he had done his best. But he was crestfallen at
the indifferent behaviour of the film people. So he felt that
no money could compensate for his great efforts and the
hard work he had put in. He had been simply exhausted
after the long wait and hard work he had put in. Now the
reward of twenty rupees looked too meagre and insufficient.
12. Which message is the author trying to convey
through the lesson ‘Patol Babu’?
[C.B.S.E. 2012 (T-2)]
Ans :
Through the lesson, Patol Babu, the writer depicts
the dreams and aspiations of the small timers and the apathy of film makers for whom making films is a business.
Patol Babu, a talented and emotional artist, who is artist at
heart and full of dramatic skills, was asked to perform a
role after 52 years. Quite excited, he rehearsed the single
word (oh) he was asked to speak. Everybody praised his
performance but he did not wait there to collect his remuneration. Naresh Dutt asked for him but next minute all
that was forgotton and the camera started rolling for another shot

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