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Short Answer Questions of Virtually True Class 10th English Chapter 6.


1. How did Michael notice the story of Sebastian Shultz?

Ans : Sitting in the train, Michael saw a big lady, reading a newspaper. There was a story with a title ‘Miracle Recovery’. It was written that Sebastian Shultz, a 14-yearold boy from London, had been badly injured in a motor accident and had gone into a coma. His mother hoped that one day her son would be well and only a miracle could save him.

2. While playing Wildwest, Michael found himself in a particular role. What was it and how did he behave in the game?

Ans : To his surprise, Michael was playing the role of a Sheriff and he burst into a saloon. Everyone was surprised by his entry. He had some fizzy kind of drink when a black-eyed Jed, the fastest gun, called him out of the saloon.

As he was going, a second Sheriff appeared and he did not look like other characters. His movement was also not like a computer image. His entry made the game more complicated.

3. Who was Black-Eyed Jed and what did he convey to the Sheriff?

Ans : Michael was the Sheriff in the game ‘WILDWEST’. When he was enjoying a drink in the saloon, he was challenged by a Black-eyed Jed the fastest gun in the west. He wanted to confront the Sheriff. So he was called out of the saloon.

4. What was the objective of the second game called Dragon quest? In what role did Sebastian appear in it?

Ans : The aim of the game DRAGON QUEST was simple. It was to rescue fair princess Aurora from the wicked dragon and to collect the wicked dragon’s treasure.

Sebastian appeared in the form of a knight and even Michael was also supposed to be a knight.

5. How did the two knights try to escape from the castle of the dragon? Were they successful?

Ans : Both the knights were chased by the wicked dragon. They ran across the battlements down a spiralLiterature D – 61 staircase and through a secret passage on the other side of the tapestry. The dragon was near them and they could feel his fiery breath. Both of them, then decided to try going through the dungeons which was their only hope.

6. Point out the desperation in Sebastian’s message to Michael. What did he tell Michael to do?

Ans : When Michael was unable to save Sebastian in the earlier two games, Sebastian’s message becomes desperate. He earnestly requests Michael not to give up, otherwise he would remain stuck up whereever he was.

So he wishes him luck and tells him to try the game ‘JAILBREAK’.

7. How did Michael and Sebastian escape from Jail in Jailbreak? Why was Sebastian injured in this escape?

Ans : Sebastian was Michael’s cell-mate in the game ‘JAILBREAK’. They use a skeleton swipe card to open the cell-door and run away. Sirens wail, guards run after them, fiery dogs howl and chase them. Both of them run upstairs but they are chased. Before Michael can do something, Sebastian falls down on the concrete below.

8. How did Michael connect Sebastian’s recovery from coma with the result of his last game?

Ans : Apparently, at the time of an accident, Sebastian was using his laptop to play one of the psycho-drive games.

He had been plugged into the computer and when he banged his head, the computer saved his memory as its own. Those games were stolen when Sebastian was in the hospital.

These games were sold in the market and Michael bought them from a Computer Fair.

9. What were the contents of Sebastian’s last message? Why did Sebastian thank Michael?

Ans : The last message was full of heart felt emotions.

Sebastian thanked Michael for saving his life and working so hard in every game to rescue him. Sebastian extends an invitation to meet him and wishes him well. He also tells Michael to keep these psycho-drive games as he deserveds to keep them.

10. Who was Sebastian Shultz? How did he meet wuth an accident? [C.B.S.E. 2012 (T-2)]

Ans : Sebastian Shultz was a fourteen years old from London. He met with an accident in a motorway and had gone into a coma. At the time of accident Sebastian was playing psycho-drive games.

11. In the second game ‘Dragon Quest’ Michael came to rescue Princess Aurora? Who cried out that he needed rescuing first and why?

Ans : In the second game, Dragon Quest, Michael was supposed to rescue Princess Aurora from the wicked dragon and also to collect dragon’s treasure on the way. He was on the verge of saving the princess, when he heard a voice asking to be saved first. It was Sebastian who was in the form of second knight.




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