Summary of The Seven Ages Class 9th



Through Jacques, Shakespeare puts forth the view that the world is a stage in which human beings play their part.
There are seven Acts like seven stages in a man’s life. A person performs multifarious roles in a single life-time. In the beginning, he is a baby crying in the arms of the nurse.
Infancy is followed by a school-going stage, when he is bright-eyed, trudging unwillingly to school. In the third stage, he grows into a lover, writing poems in praise of his beloved and sighing like a furnace. Then he plays the role of a soldier, who is rash, and who willingly sacrifices his life for honour. In the next role, he is a Judge, well-fed, prosperous, fat and fierce-eyed. He is always in a mood of impressing others and is full of wise maxims.
The next stage depicts man to be weak, thin, wearing spectacles and slippers. His clothes are loose, and legs are thin, and his voice is shrill like that of a child. At the end comes the last stage when he loses his memory, teeth, eyes, taste, in fact everything. It is like a second childhood as he has to depend on others for everything. Thus ends the drama of his eventful life.


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