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Word Meanings of The Frog and the Nightingale Class 10th


l dusk : late evenings l blared : loud & irritable sound l stilled : reduced l dumbstruck : as if under a spell l waded : came through water l twitched : moved, shook l wield : use l Mozart : a great musician from Austria l twittering : talking with great excitement l mid-flight : In the middle of changing notes l frills : embellished musical compositions l precision : accuracy l bounced : just went on l addicted : used to, become habitual l prone : used to




  • The Frog :symbolises opportunistic and cunning people who exploit others for their own benefits
  • The Nightingale : represents naturally talented artists who fail to achieve fame due to their



  • a solitary loon Ÿ Mozart in disguise Ÿ Foghorn


  • Bingle Bog Ÿ dawn, awn

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