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Word Meanings of Keeping it from Harold Class 9th.


• Amiable – friendly • Pursed – form the lips into a tight round shape • Jarred – made a harsh sound • Prodigy – unusually intelligent person • Evasions – avoidance • Broach – to discuss • Persuasive -one who can influence others • Genial – cheering • Acquaintances – persons you know • Imbued -filled with a feeling • Heredity – the passing on of features from one generation to another • Pattered -moved with quick audible steps • Diffident – not having much self-confidence • Ruffled – upset or worry • Resilient – able to recover from a difficult situation • Chivalrous – acting in a polite way • Crooning – in a low undertone • Spiteful – full of ill will • Swanking – showing off • Abstracted -preoccupied

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