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Word Meanings of Oh, I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth Class 9th.

•    Spotted – noticed
• Perils – bad condition
•    Choppers – (here) teeth
• Brittle – hard but liable to break
• Flashed – to move quickly
• Paving the way –    Creating easy circumstances
• Decay – to rot
•    Murder – (here) very difficult experience
• Despair –    loss of hope
• Whine – to utter a cry of pain
•    Reckoning – the action of calculating something
•    Beckoning – summoning
• Gobstoppers – a large, hard sweet
• Choppers – teeth
• Liquorice – candy made with the dried root of the liquorice plant.
• Sherbet dabs – tiny sweets
• Brittle – breakable
• Conscience – soul
• Pricked – punch
• Pokin’ and fussin’ – checking carefully • Amalgum – a mixture of mercury and silver used to make fillings.


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