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Word Meanings of Patol Babu, Film Star Class 10th English Chapter 5.

l genial : sociable, kind l pedestrian : traveller on foot l crucial : important l suspended : hanging l oblong : rectangular with unequal sides l tremor : quiver l perspiration : sweat l hubbub : noise l resumed : begin again l scribble : to write quickly l gigantic : great l hoax : fraud l meek : timid l embezzlement : cheating of money l mellow : to soften by age l edification : improve morally l obeisance : gesture expressing respect l inflection : modulation of voice l monosyllabic : word of one syllable l collision : to collide with someone l apathy : indifference l anticipation : expecting something before due time l commended : praised l excruciating : acutely painful



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