Word Meanings of A Shady Plot Class 10th English Chapter 4.

l Proposition : proposal l uncanny : strange l pestering : forcing l sarcastically : in a hurting manner l imbecility : weak intellect l plaid : long woollen cloth l gaping : staring l purgatory : a place of spiritual cleansing l paradise : heaven
l patronisingly : in a protective manner l demobilise : send away l evaporate : disappear l vestige : remainder l affliction : trouble l hysterics : uncontrollable emotions l Napoleon : Emperor of France, whose military endeavour and sheer personality dominated Europe for a long time l Helen of Troy : She was the daughter of Zeus, wife of Menelaus, her abduction by Paris led to the Trojan war. l huffily : irritably l churning : moving l flirtatious : behave in an enticing manner l tugging : pulling, moving l plagued : troubled l twitch : quiver l spasm : sudden muscle contraction l elapsed : passed l semblance : resemblance, look like l gurgled : made a sound like water l prickle : like thorns l gait :walk l protruding : stick out l unaccustomed : not used to l agility : active movement l phantom : ghost l contraptions : strange machine l lithely : flexibly l apparition : ghost, spirit l fervently : impassionately

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