Word Meanings of Song of the Rain Class 9th

•    Dotted – marked with dots• Pearls – (here) drops resembling a pearl in shape • Rejoice – to be happy •    Cure – to treat • Ailment – disease • Earthly life -worldly life • Soar – to fly high • Descend – to come down • Sigh – to let out a long, deep breath • Affection –    love as deep as sea • Spirit – soul, energy • Adorn – to decorate
• Ishtar – Goddess of fertility, love, war and sex, in the Babylonian Pantheon.
• Embellish – decorate
• Elated – very happy and excited
• Quench – satisfy thirst
• Upraised – lifted or moved upwards.
• Soar – fly up
• Descend – fall downwards
• Embrace – hug


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