Is MBA through Distance education worth?


    Master of Business Administration(MBA) is considered as the most rewarding course in the business world today.  The students who aspire to be global business leaders tend to join the MBA programme. Every year thousands of students write tough examinations throughout the world to get an entry into the prestigious universities to pursue MBA degree. Employers hire MBA candidates expecting good managerial skills from them. Even in the times of tough economy, companies would like to hire MBA students. Generally, MBA is considered as an intensive programme. Students need to be very serious to learn those powerful managerial and networking skills.

    There are two ways to pursue the MBA degree. One is the traditional university programme and the other is MBA via distance education programmes. Distance education MBA students need not attend any classes. They will be provided with study materials to learn the theoretical concepts at their home. Though distance education MBAs are not valued as highly as regular MBAs, they got their own set of rewards!

    Nowadays, the distance education MBA and online MBA are slowly gaining the momentum in the market. Because of the online schools like udacity, edx, Khan Academy etc, the online education is getting more recognition than ever before. Due to various reasons, few candidates may not be able to pursue a regular MBA. It may be due to their jobs or lack of money to pay the tuition fees. For those people, distance education or online education makes it possible to get MBA certification.

    Why is regular MBA more valuable than distance education MBA?

    One cannot expect all the benefits of regular MBA programme by doing a distance education MBA. The main reason that differentiates the regular MBA and distance education MBA is the network. Reputed universities invite successful people from different business sectors to interact with their students. They carry many programmes to create exposure and network building skills in their students.

    Distance education MBA lacks in many areas when compared to regular MBA programmes.  The candidates who are pursuing regular MBA will have immense scope to network with mentors and peers right from the university. Whereas distance education candidates may not have any score on the network.

    Distance education MBAs also lack practical training! They are good if you want to learn managerial concepts. But some online MBA programmes are as intensive as a full-time MBA training. Everyday video lessons, interacting with the other students in the forums etc. Distance courses also add a lot of toll on the learning process. It’s tough to carry on the lessons without the teachers and proper self-discipline. Many students fail to study the lessons all by themselves. They even do not attend any virtual lessons as there is no compulsion from anybody.

    Why is it worth to pursue MBA through distance education?

    Full-time MBA is always preferable to distance education MBA. However, it may not possible for everyone to pursue regular MBA either because of money constraints or time constraints. Many prestigious universities charge thousands of dollars even for the distance education programmes. If you want a great job and a super career through an MBA degree, then distance learning mode to get MBA degree is not right. It may be a time and money wastage affair in this scenario adds lots of value to the learning process. Due to this many new wave employers and recruiters are considering to hire even the distance MBA students.

    There are many top universities in the world offering a distance education MBA program. Though they are a bit costly, they add lots of boost to your career. If you are a working professional in corporate sectors, MBA online degree from the prestigious university can help you to grab a promotion. Distance education MBA from regional universities also help the Government employees to get promoted. Always join a reputed university if you want to enroll in a distance MBA.

    In India, distance education MBAs are not considered as a degree in the mainstream hiring process. Most of the reputed companies do not even consider these MBAs as degrees. They are often seen as the poor substitutes for the real MBA programmes.

    So, distance education MBA adds some value to your career if you are already employed in a good organization. If you are a fresher, distance MBA may not be a good choice for you. Employers always prefer the freshers with regular MBA degree. However, if you still want to pursue distance education MBA, enroll yourself in the reputed universities. Though the reputed universities charge you a huge fee even for the distance programmes, they got more acceptance than the tier 2 universities. In most cases, distance education MBA programmes may never act as a turning point in your career. Do not expect any huge career shifts with distance education programmes.



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