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Non-Multiple Choice Questions of Keeping it from Harold Class 9th.


Read the extract and answers the questions that follow.

1. “A slight frown, marred the smoothness of Harold Bramble’s brow.”

(a) What made Harold ‘frown’ ?

Ans. His mother’s habit of treating him like a little baby made Harold frown.

(b) What kind of student was Harold ?

Ans. Harold was an excellent student. His mother was very proud to have given birth to a genius.

(c) What type of prizes had he won in the last term ?

Ans. In the last term he had won many prizes in spelling and dictation competitions.

2. “The fight’s over ….. And Bill’s won, with me seconding him ”.

(i) What is the context of the above statement?

(ii) Who makes the above statement?

(iii) Why does he make such statement?

Ans. (i) The above statement is about the boxing fight which Bill was going to have with Murphy on the coming Monday.

(ii) This statement is made by Major Percy to his sister, Mrs. Bramble about Bill’s boxing contest.

(iii) He refers to Bill’s step of withdrawing from the contest as his (Bill’s) victory.
3. “You were such a pleasure to train as a rule? It all comes of getting with bad companions ”.

(i) Who is the speaker and who is the listener?

(ii) Who is being accused of being in a bad company? Why ?

(iii) Why is he being accused ?

Ans. (i) The speaker here is Mr. Jerry Fisher, Bill’s trainer and the listener is Mr. Bramble.

(ii) Mr. Bramble is being accused of being in a bad company of Major Percy.

(iii) Fisher is charging Percy with having played an evil role in provoking Mr. Bramble and forcing him to withdraw from the boxing fight.

4. ‘There’s a fellow at our school who goes about swanking in the most rotten way because he once got Phil Scott’s autograph. ’

(i) Who is the speaker and what is the reason of the above statement?

(ii) Explain ‘swanking’.

(iii) Do you feel the speaker is hurt at being deprived of something?

Ans. (i) The speaker is Harold. He tells everyone that he is proud of being the son of ‘Young Porky’.

(ii) “Swanking” means “Showing off”.

(iii) The speaker, Harold, is hurt at having been deprived of the truth of his father’s real profession.



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