For Anne Gregory (Poem) NCERT Solutions Class 10th (First Flight) English

Page No: 141 Thinking about the Poem   1. What does the young man mean by “great honey-coloured/Ramparts at your ear?” Why does he say that young men are “thrown into despair” by them? Answer The “great honey-coloured/Ramparts at your ear” refers to the beautiful yellow coloured hair that falls at the woman’s ear and …

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The Tale of Custard the Dragon (Poem) NCERT Solutions Class 10th (First Flight) English

Page No: 132 Thinking about the Poem   1. Who are the characters in this poem? List them with their pet names. Answer The characters in this poem are Belinda, a little black kitten, a little grey mouse, a little yellow dog, a little pet dragon and a pirate. Character Pet name Kitten Ink Mouse …

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