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India and the Contemporary World II is the history book that read by the 9th class students. This book deals with the history of India, and how its interconnected with other countries. A small change in a state how to affect another country. The chapters of this history book are too long; no one can cover all the sections. So we are providing the notes of these chapters, notes of the History of Class 9th. We are also offering records of the of History for Class 9th PDF so that you can use it anytime in offline mode too. Just click on the link of each chapter to access the notes of the History for Class 9th widely.



9th class history textbook deals with modern part of the history. In the book, both Indian and foreign history were discussed. CBSE took many countries in a list and researched on the case study and came to know that India is connected with all of them somewhere. Then the shaped the book with the real incident, facts, cultural changes ideas and economy of India.

That textbook also contains many information about many communities and many dynasties.


The whole book is shaped in eight chapters, more on all the eight sections are later subdivided it into three parts. In this book, the last past, named  ‘Everyday Life, Culture, and Politics.’ then that divided into two sections but in the syllabus, they are not included. As it is not contained within the curriculum, we don’t need to study that portion.  ‘Everyday Life, Culture, and Politics’ is the first chapter of this book, which deals with  ‘Everyday Life, Culture, and Politics.’  In the second chapter, we learn about the lives of people living in forests, pastoralists and the peasants and farmers, and the chapter is named as ‘ Livelihoods, Economies and Societies’

Chapter 1- French Revolution

In the book of India and the Contemporary World II, in the first chapter, we learn about liberty, freedom, and equality came in the human history. In this section, we will go through a revolution happened in France, 1789 which ended the monarchy in France. After the revolution freedom and peace granted to its citizens. These rights are set as the benchmark of humankind and human history.

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Chapter 2- Socialism in Europe and Russian Revolution

This chapter entirely describes the socialism and the revolution of Europe and Russian. How socialism comes to Europe. We will see those events which forced the ruling monarch, Tsar Nicholas II, to give up power. Also, the idea of socialism also inspired many colonial countries.

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Chapter 3- Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

This chapter is entirely dedicated to the happenings and events after the first world war. Especially in Germany, how Hitler came to the ruler position, and he did. There are many stories, which are horrifying of the massacre and the philosophy of Nazism.

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Chapter 4- Forest Society and Colonialism

In this chapter, you will get a wide range of idea, what happened to the forest of the India and Indonesia in the 19th century.  That time both of the countries are colonized country; later they used their colonizers and adopted many ways to use their forest lands for their benefits.

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Chapter 5-  Pastoralists in the Modern World

This chapter indicates to the movements in India and the African country of the pastoralists in the mountains and deserts. Also, it shows how their life changes later on.

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Chapter 6-  Peasants and Farmers

This chapter is consist of many facts about the changes in the lives of peasants and farmer. We also came across how technology and globalization impacts on it.

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