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Poetry- The Frog And The Nightingale

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The Poem Focuses on the foolishness of following others blindly and indiscreetly. One should never lose own uniqueness wherein lies one’s individuality. In this poem, a nightingale fails to use her own individual thinking and falls into a trap of a cunning frog who has an own axe to grind. Such is the way of the cunning persons who exploit the weaknesses of the gullible persons to meet their ends.


The poem focuses on the cunningness of a frog living in a place called Bingle bog. The frog continues to croak from night to morning every day. His voice is harsh and unpleasant. No one wants to listen to him. in fact, all creatures hate his voice. They do everything to make the frog stop singing but in vain. One day a nightingale comes and sits on the tree of the frog. She begins to sing.

The frog is surprised to hear the sweet melody of the nightingale. He fears that his position as the only singer of the bog will be threatened by the song of the nightingale. His fear comes true. All the birds listen to the song of the nightingale and praise her very much. This makes the frog sad.

The Frog feels jealous of the popularity of the nightingale. He introduces him self to the nightingale as the owner of the tree. He says that he is a music critic. He takes the nightingale into confidence and makes an evil plan to get ride of her. He makes her sing ec\xcessively for longs hours. He starts pointing out her mistakes and drawbacks. The result is that the nightingale has the beauty of her voice. The other creatures stop coming to hear her songs at the concerts arranged by the cunning frog. She loses the beauty of her voice. The other creatures stop coming to here her songs at the concerts arranged by the cunning frog. Ultimately the nightingale dies after she has burst one of her veins. The frog continues to sing in a loud, unpleasant way, now unchallenged.

The Frog And The Nightingale Video In Hindi


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